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Calke Abbey – Fun For Us All!

We visited National Trust’s Calke Abbey last week, and had a fantastic time there. I shared how much I adored the gardens in my post a couple of days ago, that you can read all about here – Calke Abbey’s Gardens.

Calke Abbey

We began with the estate’s many outbuildings and stables…

Calke Abbey stables

The grounds were just huge, with fabulous gardens, meadows, hills, and woodland to roam around. Boo must have covered miles, running about, whilst Little Man watched and laughed at her from his pushchair…

Calke Abbey grounds1

Calke Abbey grounds

Calke Abbey grounds3

Calke Abbey grounds2

Calke Abbey grounds4

calke abbey grounds5

calke abbey grounds6

There was even a grotto and a tunnel to discover..

calke abbey gardens grotto

calke abbey tunnel

Little Man enjoyed seeing the world from his throne, his pushchair, as he got wheeled about, taking in some beautiful sights. That’s not to say that he didn’t get to the point of protestation, though, at which stage, he got out and stretched his legs, toddling about happily in front of a queue of people…

calke abbey in the pushchair

calke abbey outside

We went into the house, but as is often the case with these things, we didn’t linger – my children are not the calm collected sort that you’d be comfortable to have around centuries old valuables!

Calke Abbey inside

It was fascinating in there, the bits that I did pause to see. One day, I’ll actually have time to read about the places, too!

And finally, we spotted a very peaceful-looking herd..

calke abbey deer

It was a really lovely day out. It’s a beautiful place, with so much space for the kids to run about and have fun. I do love our National Trust membership!

I’d like to tell you that with all of that running about, Boo was totally exhausted and napped on the way home, and then slept in until 8am the following day. But this is Boo, so nah, she never tires!

Here’s a post sharing more of our National Trust adventures, if you’d like to explore.

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