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Proud to be home of #BringBackPaper!

I love all things papery – stationery, books, cards, gift wrap, snail mail, and so much more – and though I’m not eschewing technology, I would like to see more pretty paper circulating. You can read more about it all here, in my original Bring Back Paper post.

Bring Back Paper

What’s Bring Back Paper all about then?

Well, it’s a place for every papery fan to converge!

– Regular blogs around #BringBackPaper, where I’ll share stationery, paper crafts, snail mail, books, feature guest posts from any paper fans out there, showcase papery businesses, host giveaways, and more. To get involved yourself, just email me at

– Use the hash tag #BringBackPaper on Twitter and Instagram for any shares of old or new pretty stationery, book buys or involvement in the activities.  I often share new reads, stationery and more on my Instagram feed, and every week I share a few highlights from the #bringbackpaper hashtag on my Instastories, so do drop by.

– There are regular papery swaps. I run book swaps, stationery swaps, one-off happy mail partnerings and pen pal sign ups throughout the year, so do follow me on social media or sign up for my emails to ensure you don’t miss out on those.


– Check out #bringbackpaper on YouTube.  Uploads could be anything from what I’ve been reading and enjoying through to rifling through my washi tape stash. I always welcome any requests so if there’s anything you’d like me talking about, sharing and showing, let me know and I’ll cover it soon for you.

– Send me some mail! I plan to run a new segment soon (I haven’t decided where I’ll share yet, maybe blog, Stories, YouTube or Facebook Live, watch this space!) sharing my mailbox. If you’d like to pop some happy mail over to be featured, you can send letters or small parcels only to me at: Jocelyn Reading, Unit 45483, PO Box 15113, Birmingham, B2 2NJ, UK

– Come join the new Bring Back Paper Club Facebook Group! This has become one of my favourite places to hang out online, everyone’s so friendly! This is a group for you if you enjoy seeing other people’s happy mail, paper projects, reading recommendations and more, and it’s THE place to be from regular #bringbackpaper news, inspiration, book readalongs, and your chance to input into the next activities and content that I choose to run. Come join in!

Get yourself The Pen Pal Pack

Are you a long time happy mailer looking for fresh stationery? Or perhaps it’s fun mail ideas? Or maybe this is all new to you and you’re looking for a bit of help to get started with your snail mail? In all of these cases, I have got you covered! You can now get yourself The Pen Pal Pack, a #bringbackpaper exclusive product. Grab it, use it and share it!  

The Pen Pal Pack

Bring Back Paper Shop

Yes, there is now a Bring Back Paper shop! Share your love of paper by treating yourself to some new paper-loving merch! New products are added every month so keep on dropping by!

bookworm and stationery addicts gifts

Bring Back Paper Recommendations!

I regularly get asked for papery recommendations, so I now update my Amazon storefronts with the books and stationery that we are enjoying here. You can find them all at:

Books that I love and would highly recommend – Books for Me

Books that my daughter has been enjoying – Books for 10 year olds

Books that my son has been enjoying – Books for 7 year olds

Picture books that have been popular here – Children’s Picture Books

Pretty stationery and happy mail suggestions – Pen Pal Supplies

You can check out my entire Amazon store here.

And I always keep my book wishlist up to date if you fancy a nose. One day, maybe I will get through it all…(I know this will never ever happen, there will ALWAYS be more books that I want to get, faster than I can possibly read them!)

Bring Back Paper Activity: September

We have a book swap running at the moment, come and join in!

September’s Book Readalong

Find out all about the readalong in this post

Buy your book and join us!

I want to get more paper enjoyed, more letter writing taking place, more happy post being sent, more books shared around, more news on beautiful products, and simply more indulgence in pretty papery goods! Please come join my papery quest and share with other like-minded people and don’t forget to join the club below!

All previous #BringBackPaper posts can be read here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

Come join the #bringbackpaper club! Sign up below for regular updates on activities, ideas and news! 


90 thoughts on “Bring Back Paper”

  1. I love this idea – I love a bit of pretty stationery. I’ve been involved in #PostCircle for the last year which has given me the excuse to buy more, and I’ve really enjoyed getting into letter writing. There’s nothing better than a bit of happy mail, especially if there’s pretty paper or some washi tape involved!
    I’d also love to be involved in the book swap so will email you now.
    (I’m @timewasting on twitter /helahic on IG)

    1. Oh yes, I do love #postcircle, and it’s a wonderful excuse for buying more stationery! Lovely to have you involved x

    1. I know you love it! I’m sure there’ll be downloadable stationery over on Pinterest that you could try?
      Great, I’ll pop you down for the book swap, too, then 🙂

  2. Possibly! There’ll be another book swap in a couple of months & I’m toying with a different swap for May x

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  27. RSVP me please…I am @sthurberyoung on the so called “big board”…but what time is this shin-dig really happening? It suggests it is tonight (Wednesday at 8 p.m.) but I have seen other references to 8 p.m. GMT which would translate to 2 p.m. CDT? I p.m. CDT? Please help and advise if and when you can…thank you!

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  47. Can you buy fancy paper anywhere. My friend turns 40 this moth and she used to collect fancy paper in the 80’s in Ireland. I am making her up a bag of memories and would love to get some.

    Kind Regards

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  54. Janet Koehler

    I love writing letters! I love all things paper! I am in the dark about instagram and twitter. When my grand daughter visits next, perhaps she can help me. I do love Printerest and YouTube.

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  63. Could I ask about information on the pen pal events that I’d read about? How does this work, and when can I catch it? I’d absolutely love to take part in something like that! There’s just something so sincere about a handwritten letter that is so rare nowadays. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Aileen! I run pen pal sign ups, along with other activities throughout the year. You need to keep an eye out for it, the easiest way is to sub to the blog or get the Bring Back Paper newsletter.

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  65. Hi! My kids & I are looking for a pen pal(s) that are interested in a “nature” type exchange. Hoping maybe you can help us out or even run a nature pen pal exchange sign up so we can find others that are interested as well. Typically speaking we would want someone that is in a different part of the states than we are so that we can exchange different types of nature items for example pine cones, leaves, etc so my kids can get an understanding of how nature is different in different states. Thanks so much!:)

    1. Hi there. This is such a fun idea! It’s not something I’d look to organise, as I can see this getting tricky internationally, but I hope you manage it as it sounds great!

  66. How do you feel about fountain pens? Do you use them? I’m a fountain pen enthusiast, am part of fountain pen groups on Facebook, including one for…pen pals! The fountain pen community is growing, with pen manufacturers and ink makers doing all kinds of wonderful things that were unheard of 50 years ago. And with all of that includes an interest in particularly fountain pen-friendly paper. Are you familiar with all of this? I’m new to your blog (just discovered it), so I wondered where you were “on the pen and ink spectrum,”as it were.

    1. Lovely to hear from you and it’s great hearing about your passion for fountain pens. It’s not an area I know much about, though I do favour using a fountain pen for my daily bullet journal, there is something special about them. Thanks for the ideas, I’ll have to think about more fountain pen features.

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