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The Brilliance in Blogging (BiB) Awards are open!

Just a little post, to point out to you, my lovely readers, that the BiBs are now open. You can nominate blogs you love, and I’m currently enjoying making a list of mine, and fitting them into each category. No easy task, as I read and enjoy a lot of blogs! Which is why I do appreciate that many of you also have a difficult choice, too. There are 16 categories, and looking through them, I’d say The Reading Residence could fit into:

Fresh Voice, Inspire, Social Media, Writer, Family and Innovate.

To be honest, though I fit into these, I know I’m no writer, and there are many people with a far more brilliant social media presence than I. I love so many family blogs, and I see this as such a great category, which I know we fit into, though the competition will be tough. Then I’m thinking maybe Fresh Voice (I’ve been blogging since last July), Inspire or Innovate would all be a good fit, if you are struggling to think of others to nominate in this category? To be honest, one vote, in any category (I’d even take video and I’ve only ever done 2!), would be genuinely appreciated.

I won’t be voting for myself, as my list of bloggers that I want and need to vote for is too long to allow for it! But then, I will know that if I get a nomination, someone out there enjoys reading 🙂


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