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From Bottle to Cup

Little Man is no longer my baby, I’ve noticed. He’s growing up too quickly for my liking, but I can’t seem to do much to stop it! He eats his food and uses his cutlery really well now, better than his big sister, actually! He runs about after her confidently and steadily, and he says more and more each day. His independence is growing and he wants to do everything that his sister can do. I’d say the only real ‘baby’ things we still have are his bedtime bottle of milk at story time and he still sleeps in his cot.

Well, one thing at a time…! I remember moving Boo from bottle to cup and over-thinking it all, taking her with me to choose her cup, talking it over and explaining it to her, and to her credit, she was fine with it. As things often can be with your second, and with the fact that I know my son now and he does like change and being a ‘big boy’, I simply threw his bottle away and presented him with his new cup at bedtime – a slightly different approach!

I had been fortunate enough to be offered some Tommee Tippee cups, which are exactly the same as the one that I chose for Boo nearly 3 years ago now, and given that hers is still going strong, I knew they’d be perfect. We’ve had many cups and beakers over the years, between the two children, but I can honestly say that it’s the Tommee Tippee ones that have best stood the test of time. This cup is insulated, the cap screws on and stays on nice and tightly, and the straw that pops up is strong and sturdy and not prone to being chewed down or snapped. It’s also one where the lid simply screws on and the straw snaps up and down, so no need to have a straw inside to wash and potentially damage.

Here they are…

tommee tippee cups

They’re easy to clean, and I know that they last a very long time – I would highly recommend them.

And so bedtime came, I showed Little Man his new milk cup, and as I’d suspected, he grabbed it eagerly, and hasn’t been remotely concerned about the bottle to cup transition!

tommee tippee bedtime

How did your little ones get on with the move from bottle to cup?

Disclosure: I received Tommee Tippee cups FOC, but all words and opinions remain my own.

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