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A Book Journal for Kids

I read a fair few books. I love to read. Though for some reason, I suppose simply because it did not occur to me, it wasn’t until a good friend bought me a book journal a couple of years ago that I thought to record all that I read. I shared all about it in my post Keeping a Book Journal and every single book that I’ve read since that has been noted down in that journal.

I find that by pausing between reads like this to write them down makes me reflect on the book and digest and make sense of my feelings about it. It’s also a really handy way of keeping track of what I’ve enjoyed, authors I’ve tried and so on. I wouldn’t be without it now!

So now that my six year old is independently reading chapter books, I mentioned the idea to her that she might like to do something similar. Oh yes, she loved the concept!

A Book Journal for Kids

Boo uses her journal to record:

Title, Author, Month Read, Her Opinions.

The benefits of keeping a book journal:

– She’s writing for a purpose. At 6, I know it’s great to encourage our children to practice their writing skills and handwriting. However, I’m not one for doing that for the sake of it with her, I much prefer to entice her with ideas so that she wants to put pen to paper. This is why she has pen pals, an adventure log that she completes after exciting days out (she sometimes insists on taking it and carrying it with her on said days out to fully record all details!) and plenty of pretty stationery for writing stories in and letters.
– Which brings me onto my next point – my daughter has a lot of stationery. I know, this is not surprising as she is mine. A book journal lends a purpose to one of those many notebooks that she has mounting up.
– As I wrote about in my original book journal post, it is useful to have a record and look back on it. This might be something she keeps doing for some time and she can develop what she writes about each book (at the moment, her opinions are generally ‘I liked it’ or ‘I loved it’. She’s not a particularly discriminating reader at the moment, I’m sure the critic in her will one day emerge!
– It’s fun to do. My daughter is excited by it, so it gets a thumbs up.

Writing a Book Journal

I don’t know whether this will be a habit that sticks with her or not, but for now, she loves entering her books into it when she finishes them and I think at this early stage in her reading, it gives her a real sense of achievement.

Is this something that your children would enjoy? Would it get them writing?

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