Boo Aged 4 & A Half

My little girl is growing up. How has this happened?! She turns 4 and a half this month, and is learning so much all of the time. My little sponge girl.

She’s been helping in the garden, planting seeds, asking questions, and she’s retaining so much information. She names lots of common flowers, like daisies, dandelions, daffodils, tulips, roses and buttercups and likes to point them out to me. Then yesterday, she gestured to the camelia we’ve just replanted, commenting on how nice it looks there, and she checked that I was watering the hydrangea – I was so shocked she knew what they were and had remembered, and not easy words to recall!

She loves her Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programmes and enjoys completing workbooks. She recognises all letters and can now write them, too. She counts well, loves to rhyme and tell me what letters words begin with. She’s started to read a few words, too, to our delight, and we enjoy these little sessions together, while Little Man naps.

boo working

She continues to adore her art. She draws, paints or crafts most days. Her colouring in is extremely neat and her drawings will soon surpass mine (that’s no great talent, though, truth be told!)

We’ve recently moved on to me reading chapter books to her. She is building a little collection up, and loves popping her bookmark in to the book as we finish a chapter together! We’ve read a couple of Roald Dahl’s, and are currently reading The Worst Witch. I’ve dusted off my old Enid Blyton’s ready to hand down, too.

Her imaginary play is adorable to listen to. As her vocabulary and experiences grow, her little worlds become more complex. She can get totally lost for ages playing and talking away and I love to eavesdrop!

She continues to be a fabulous big sister, truly the very best. She is always looking out for her brother, playing with him, sharing with him, often giving in to him! She rushes in to see him every morning, and it’s always him she wants to see and play with when she comes home from preschool. She was invited to a party recently, and was crestfallen to discover that Little Man was not invited. Of course, she has now got over that upset, and has decided she will still go πŸ˜‰

And it was this week. The big deal. This week has been the week when we found out where Boo will be going to school in September. Fortunately, we got our first choice, and it’s the school that she’d assumed she was going to anyway. A relief! But it still makes it real. Means that it’s happening. My girl is growing up, and she’ll soon not be with me, keeping me company day in, day out. It makes me want to cry, thinking about it. I’m not ready to let her go. But she is ready. It’s a new adventure for her, so we will be excited. I know she’ll do fabulously well at school and make lots of new friends, and I want that for her.

We’ve had a few trying times recently, with Boo asserting her independence more than I’d like! But when I stop and think (and remain calm!), I know I’ll miss these moments. I’ll be making the most of these next few months watching my two having fun together, playing, whispering, giggling and learning. Always learning.

My girl, my daughter. Boo is bright and beautiful, inside and out, and I’m so very proud of her.

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