Bonfire Night Crafting

With Bonfire Night fast approaching, I thought it’d be fun to get crafty with Little Man and create some fireworks inspired art.

At just turned 3, anything that involves glue and glitter has my son very excited! It’s also a fun way to craft, as I can pop the glue in the areas he directs which allows us to make some sort of recognisable scene. Ish.

So we got going, and all we needed for this one was black paper, shredded orange paper, glitter, sequins and glue…

Bonfire Night Crafting

First up, Little Man decided where to place his bonfire, popping plenty of paper on top of the glue. Once he was happy that there was enough fire there, he moved onto directing his fireworks display. The fireworks were all created using  glitter and sequins. My son was very clear on the colours that he wanted where and the designs he needed! It was great to see him so focused on what he was doing.

Bonfire Night Crafting Activity

And he was very happy with the end result…

Bonfire Night Crafting - Easy for toddlers and pre-schoolers

Not bad at all, and I think you can tell what it’s supposed to be?!
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