The Bikes Are Out!

Little Man had a balance bike for his birthday, and with last weekend being our first free one since he turned 2, we were determined to get out and get cycling. Who cared that it was raining, we were going!

Both kids were excited to be wearing their hats, and so desperate to get on their bikes, it was just lovely to see. Boo had hers for her third birthday nearly 2 years ago, but she’s barely been on it, other than in the garden. She loved it and did very well, especially as we could see that it needed adjusted (which was done as soon as we returned home, ready for our next, very soon I suspect!, outing).

Boo cycling

Little Man adored his bike, and was beaming with pride!

little man cycling 3

They had a ride around, Little Man delighting in riding through puddles, Boo excited to be getting up speed!


And then we popped the bikes back in the car and spotted a nearby Horse Chestnut, so not wanting to miss an opportunity like that, we had a search around for conkers.

conker hunting

We were actually only there for just under an hour, but they were both so exhilarated by their adventures, and we were pleased that we didn’t allow the rain to stop play, as a little fresh air and drizzle was good for us all!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

26 thoughts on “The Bikes Are Out!”

    1. I think you’re right, and we’d have struggled to find a whole day to do something, so better to make the most of an hour 🙂

  1. Oh we’re MASSIVE fans of balance bikes in our house, too. They’re so good at allowing the little ones to keep up with the big ones. This looks like a lovely time outside (and like you we’re making the most of the unusually good Sept weather) and just goes to show you don’t have to go far to enjoy the outdoors!

  2. I love that you let your little ones play in the rain! I do too, but it’s few and far between without thunder and lightning here. And we are getting out three year old a very similar balance bike, just a different paint job! Glad you had a nice family outing!
    Judith Lloy recently posted…Water Makes it GrowMy Profile

  3. My children recently had new bikes for their birthdays and we are really enjoying going for a long ride at the weekend. I have been borrowing theirs and am really enjoying it too! It’s a wonderful way to explore and get some exercise #countrykids
    Louisa recently posted…Camping out in the gardenMy Profile

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