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Been To The Cinema Lately?


ron burgundyHave you been to the cinema lately? We have. It’s expensive. It was for the husband’s birthday, and it was just the two of us, and I was genuinely shocked at how much it was. Am I just getting old?! It cost us £8.50 each, and then, as we were out treating ourselves, we also got a hot dog and a small drink each – how much? Go on, guess. £7.25. Each. How is this possible?! Ticket price aside, that much money for refreshments is absolutely appalling, and I cannot see how they can justify it. I feel sorry for the staff who have to charge it, and deal with people complaining about it.

cinemaNow, we do like our films. In our life before children, we’d regularly go to the cinema, so I’m not sure whether it’s gone up a lot since we used to go, or whether we were simply more wasteful back then! We have a Lovefilm subscription now, that costs us £7.99 per month. With that we get instant streaming on our TV and an unlimited amount of films per month. I can buy a big bag of sausages and a packet of hot-dog buns for around £3. I know, I know, that it’s just not the same. There is something about the cinema experience, but quote honestly, it concerns me that we’re not going to be able to justify a family trip to the cinema when Little Man is old enough to go. It’ll be nearly £30 just to get in, and there’s no way we’ll be buying food again – we’ll be the family with the sweets and drinks in my handbag. I just think £30 is a lot for a film, when we could watch one at home every single week (or even every single day!) for just £8. I remember going to the cinema with my family when I was little and it was an exciting trip. I’m sad that we’re unlikely to be doing that very often. There’s just better things for us to spend that amount of money on. We’ve always eschewed any film piracy here, and despite these astronomic prices, we will continue to do so, as I don’t want to see the film industry damaged, and really, if we can see films for that £8 per month, that seems more than reasonable for me. I can see why it happens, though, and I’m unsurprised that we were sitting in a near empty screening. I think we’ll be having a family film night, once a week, with popcorn, pic’n’mix – whatever the kids want, with the lights dimmed, and we’ll have to just create an experience out of that for them.

Having grumbled on, I’d love to know what everyone else thinks? Is it worth the price for the experience? Is it a regular outing on your family’s agenda?

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