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As Reception Year Ends…

I can’t really believe that Boo is coming to the end of her first year at school, to be honest. It has absolutely flown by.

This time last year she was having some settling in sessions and I was basically sobbing my way through the summer! Back then, I wrote about how sad I was, and then about her actually starting here. I look back on those posts now, along with the photos of her looking so little, and I’m in denial that it’s been a year. But what a year it has been, so this one’s for my girl…

My Boo, you have grown up so much. As you have done every year up until now, I suppose, but this year’s been one where you’ve been influenced by adults and children that I have had no control over. You’ve learned things that I have not taught you, and in turn delighted in sharing it all with me.

You have new friends now, and I have, too, thanks to the really lovely group of parents that your classmates have. Your teacher tells me how kind and considerate you are with your classmates, how good you are at sharing and helping them when you see the need. I’ve seen you in action, and you are always looking out for others, spotting if your friends need your help, noticing if anyone’s left out and getting them involved.

You are doing so well there, having a go at all of the activities, and truly excelling with your reading. This makes me smile. My girl, the reader. You devour your books now, reading anything we put in your path. And yes, I’ve had to hide my books as I’m reading more than once from your eyes, as you look over my shoulder and start to read!

We’ve had your very first school report and it made me cry. You’re doing so well in all areas, exceeding what’s expected of you across the board. This of course delights me, but it’s the running theme throughout about how caring you are, with phrases such as ‘kind and thoughtful attitude which makes Boo such a popular member of the class’  that made the tears spring to my eyes. That’s you all over. You can’t bear to see people being left out or any kind of unfairness.

And there have been other accomplishments this year, too. I was truly blown away when I went to see your nativity play, as you had a main role and confidently delivered and acted every line so wonderfully. Other parents are still talking about your performance to me to this day! You started swimming lessons a few months back and last week got your 10 metres badge. You love going there with your friend every week. You can ride a bike now, taking all of about five minutes to get used to having no stabilisers on! That sums you up so well, my girl. Willing to have a go, with very little fear about attempting new things, and the resilience to just get back up and keep on trying.

You are confident and friendly and always eager to learn. You drink in everything around you, seemingly remember all you’ve been told, and have a constant thirst for more knowledge. You’re my little sponge!

boo in the flowers

So Boo, this is for you, my darling girl, and I know that you can read this yourself, too. A year. Just one year and I’m pleased to see that school has not changed you, it’s simply enhanced your beautiful spirit. You are still the generous and thoughtful girl that you always have been. You still put your little brother above anyone and everyone else and remain the very best big sister. You are so bright, you are lots of fun, you are inexhaustible. School has not slowed you down or tired you out as you remain a huge ball of bouncing happy energy. You are full of life, always with a ready smile and giggle, and a cuddle to end each day with. I am so, so proud of you, my daughter.

As the first year ends, I am pleased with all that is has brought. I look forward to seeing how the next year will develop. I’ve a feeling my girl will fly.

If your little one is about to start school, I did also write a letter just for you, hoping that it’s reassuring.


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