And So It Begins….

Today I’m linking up with the fabulous What’s the Story? and the sublime Magic Moments, and sharing with you a photo of Boo and Little Man, taken a few months ago.

I was in the kitchen, leaving them both in the playroom for a few minutes. Little Man was safely in his chair and quietly content, and Boo, so I thought, was happily playing with her dolls and dress up. Moments later, I popped back in and this is what I found…..



Poor Little Man! He clearly didn’t know what to make of it either, though I should point out that I’d heard no shouts or cries of protestation, so he seemed bemused more than anything else. Boo was pleased with herself, having managed to turn her baby brother into a princess. The tiara is in place, the shoes are there, so I’m thinking she tried to put them on him and he’s even ‘holding’ the bag! It was obviously a camera moment, not only because they looked so cute to me, but because I felt that this moment encapsulated the beginning of the long sibling years ahead of them – Boo bossing Little Man around, him just going along with it for an easy life (though would secretly plot to get his revenge at surprise moments!). I confess that I see this road ahead vividly for them, as I, too, have a younger brother… πŸ˜‰

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