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And I’m Back! Hello 2019

And I’m back! Hello 2019, where did that break go?! The kids have one more day off and then they’re back to school tomorrow, normality will resume.

How was your Christmas? We had a good one, with lots of family time. It was filled with films, board games, reading, crafting, and a fair old smattering of sales shopping. We went to the cinema and Boo and I watched the wonderful Mary Poppins Returns, whilst the boys enjoyed Spiderman into the Spiderverse. We also took in a couple of beautifully decorated National Trust properties, I do love seeing them all done up at Christmas. Christmas dinner aside, I managed a run of a full 7 days before I had to cook a proper meal again – hooray for party food and takeaways!

There was stationery shopping, book-buying and bargain candles purchased. You knew there would be! The kids spent some of their Christmas money, and they so needed more books, Lego and board games (but then, given that I bought books, stationery and candles, I’m not really one to talk!).

We’re not big fans of New Year’s Eve, so we decided to take a trip down to London for that day, sure to exhaust us all! The Imperial War Museum was fascinating and then the kids wanted to hit their usual spots, Hamleys, the Lego shop, the Disney shop, you get the idea! It was a brilliant day and we all returned happy and tired. Unfortunately, that’s when our break took a turn as poor Boo woke up just after midnight not feeling well and then the sickness bug took hold. It was a nasty one and pretty much wiped out all of the second week of our break.

But all was not lost, as in between the illness and the bleaching, we lounged around playing games and watching films. The chocolate and biscuits from Christmas are still here as we stopped indulging, so that’s something to brighten up dreary January!

I type this now on a new laptop bought in the sales and with my pretty new planner by my side. I know I have said it before, I am not a fan of January. I am determined to not let it beat me this year, and I’ve booked in a couple of treats to look forward to and I am excited about some of the content I’m going to be creating and sharing with you this month. And if my mood does take a dip? Well, there’s always that chocolate!

So I am back from the festive break, happy and ready for 2019. Happy new year to you all, let’s see what this one brings.



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