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AD Photo Tiles By InsTiles

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When the team at InsTiles got in touch with me to find out whether I would be interested in reviewing their photo tiles I was curious. We have a few canvas photo prints, but nothing quite like this. InsTiles photo tiles are stick-able to walls so they are easy to put up and move around. They can also be ordered directly from an app on my phone, which is of course where all of my photos live anyway. I decided to give them a go after seeing a little more about them over on YouTube..

The Process

You can find the app here. It is free to download so you can go over and have a play around with it.

I have an Android phone and this downloaded quickly and easily to it.

It is then just a few steps to place your order. You can click on the photos that you want to turn into a photo tile, and then edit them and re-position them. I found the app to be a little bit glitchy at this point and it kept kicking me out whilst I was attempting to edit. If this does happen to you, do stick with it as as soon as you have put your selections through it is plain sailing.

After you have chosen your photos, you are taken through the payment screen and then sent a receipt confirmation with an order number.

The Product

The first thing that struck me when my photo tiles arrived was how light they are. They feel almost like holding a block of polystyrene. I can see that they need to be light in order to stay put when stuck to the wall with sticky tape, so they are well designed. Each tile measures 20cm x 20cm, so they are a good size.

I was also impressed with the print quality. The colours and details look great and the images are exactly as I edited them. As you can see, I thought it would be nice to have a Herbie gallery wall in the house.

The photo tiles were all well packaged and in good condition. I was happy with them, so the decision was then where to put them. I decided to pop them on the wall going up the stairs, to add some colour and puppy to the area.

The Verdict

Now, I am not great with putting things like this up normally. I have that dreadful personalty mix of being impatient to do something (the pictures have arrived and I want them up NOW) with lacking any sense of precision and perfectionism. Which means that I normally leave things like this to the Husband to do as he will be considerably more precise than me, and quite simply, better suited to the task! However, with these photo tiles, there is no need to plan the wall area and where all of the nails will go, before hammering them in carefully in exactly the right spot. I simply peeled the tape off the back and popped them up. I loved the ease of it.

I am impressed with the quality and design of these photo tiles. I think they are a very easy way to create a photo gallery as, aside from waiting for delivery, this is going to take you all of ten minutes to order them and even less time than that to hang them. I can also see them making lovely gifts for others.

What do you think of these?

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