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Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m Jocelyn, a mum of two, a daughter, born Oct 2009 and a son, born Sep 2012. They’ll be known as Boo and Little Man here. We also live with the Husband and two cute guinea pigs, and together we’re the Readings. I’ll share a little about us…

Since October 2009, things have changed a fair bit around here. I had a career in leadership and financial services management, but when the time came for me to return after maternity leave, it no longer felt the right thing to be spending my life doing. So in the summer of 2010 I became a stay at home mum, and since July 2013, a blogger. I then added student to my list of things to keep me busy in 2015, as I’ve resumed my Open University degree, and I’m enjoying indulging my love of history through my studies.

A Few Reading Facts..

– The Husband’s sporty and artistic, and I’m….not…! I like to read, write, manage, organise. Not as thrilling, but it is what it is. Boo seems to have inherited her daddy’s interest and talents where art’s concerned, and time will tell whether Little Man is going to be a footballer. It’s fair to say that they are little daredevils and will have a go at absolutely anything, I think I have a pair of adrenalin junkies on my hands. Both kids are readers, so my influence is in there!

– We love getting out and about together and exploring new places. Parks, picnics, farms, castles, theme parks, museums, libraries, zoos and festivals, we enjoy them all and I like to share our days out as well as mini-breaks and holidays.

– At the moment we’re all about Florida! We’ve booked to go to Disney World and Universal Studios this summer so are planning, saving, and getting excited about that!

– We’re a close family, the kids get on very well, and we are also lucky enough to be close to our wider family. The children have doting grandparents, fabulous aunts and uncles and two lovely cousins, all of whom we see regularly.

– Little Man is now in Reception at school whilst Boo is in Year 3. He’d rather be home, she adores school!

I Love…

Ice Cream. Yep, that’s the first thing that’s popped into my head…and also, flip flops, Yankee candles, flowers, Modern Family, sunshine, perfume, Paris, Game of Thrones, films, books, books and more books. I’ve always been interested in history, I’m an enthusiastic gardener, I like faffing with interiors and I have a strong leaning towards pretty stationery purchases.

What will you find here?

I will bring you our days out and family fun to inspire and to recommend, our reviews of anything we’ve tried to share our findings with you, a range of gardening, home and food projects, finds, tips and suggestions, and I’ll share my progress with the Open University with you. Every Wednesday I host #BringBackPaper here, with regular activities to get involved in and all things paper-loving to share, as well as regular Bring Back Paper vlogs. On a Friday I will look back over my week and share it with you, summed up in one word, as this is the home of the weekly linky Word of the Week.

A Few Of My Favourite Posts

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If you’ve Facebook, Twitter, Google+InstagramPinterest or StumbleUpon accounts, do find me over there too, as it’s nice to connect elsewhere. I am quite active on my social media accounts so you have been warned! You can pop and see us over on YouTube and you can keep up with my posts at Bloglovin or subscribing by email (it’s in my sidebar there).

And don’t hesitate to comment or get in touch. It’s always nice to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading, Jocelyn x

PR Details

I am PR friendly and I’d love to hear from you if you feel you have a product or service that my family and my readers would be interested in. We’re based near Birmingham, West Midlands.

I can offer brand ambassadorships, sponsored posts, product, experience and travel reviews, competitions, social sharing, videos and sidebar ads. I have a cumulative and genuinely engaged social following reach of over 40k.

I’ve worked with brands such as ….

The Reading Residence Brand Collaborations

Do visit my Testimonials page and I’ve a full Media Pack available upon request with further statistics, demographics and fees.

Email: Jocelyn@thereadingresidence.com


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17 thoughts on “About Me & Contact

  • Posts and Pens

    It looks like a fun residence, “lazy dog” notwithstanding! 🙂 I can imagine what it felt like when you mentioned “what to do with the corn on the cob.” I “can” cook, but my skills are nothing to be amazed at. Looking forward to your other posts! Cheers!

    • admin Post author

      Thanks! My brother knows me well enough to not be remotely surprised by my random corn on the cob call! He knows my strengths lie elsewhere…!

  • Judith

    Always on the look out for future husbands for my daughter: your son seems a promising candidate, being exactly the same age and rather handsome. Have you made arrangements for him yet? 🙂

      • Judith

        Good good, I believe it is customary for you to set the price: flock of sheep? Several sheaves of corn? We have some rather attractive brambles in the garden? I also bake a mean cake.

        • admin Post author

          Whilst the several sheaves of corn is clearly the most valuable suggestion, word on the street is that the bottom’s about to drop out of that market. That considered, I feel the cake offer is the most appealing. Thank you 🙂

  • Heledd

    Hi Jocelyn
    I don’t know if you’ve made it over to my new blog yet but our stories, likes and dislikes are so similar I had to leave a comment. Feels like you may be a sister form another mother (doesn’t have the same ring does it? Hey ho). My first daughter was born in June 2010 and the second in November 2012. I went back to work but finally gave in to the overwhelming feeling of guilt and wanting to be a ‘proper mum’ last month. So now here I am a full time mum and blogger. I’m only a month or so in but loving every aspect! Like you my husband has been 100% supportive, which makes me love him even more. Sorry I’m rambling now! I just wanted to let you know that I really relate to you and your blog, and admire your amazing success in one year.

  • Jocelyn Reading Post author

    Hello and thank you! It is a tricky one, and often neglected, too, yet people want to know more about the blogger, so it makes sense to share here! Glad you found it helpful and thanks for commenting.

  • Sascha Mcgill

    I want to say thank you so much for you blog about guinea pigs. I had no idea of the responsibility of them. I had done a little research on them before getting my children them. For the holidays we did. We got two shot hair ones. Well we ended up being the unlucky folk that the guinea pigs were sexd wrong. About a week about 2 weeks ago we thought one of guys was dying but it came out the he was a she and was pregnant. Not 3 days later we had 3 babies. It’s been so neat watching them grow. Unfortunately last night we lost of the babies do to an enclosure mishap. We have a kennel that had a plastic cave but wasn’t attached to the kennel our sweet pototoe had ended up get hit or stuck with this enclosure piece. We didn’t see it happen went in to check on them for the evening and my husband found her lump and motionless, she minutes away from going. I held her close and brought my kids in to say goodbye. This was one of the hardest event I have ever gone through. I even called the vet as I was in the phone with them pototoe took her last breathe. There was nothing we could of done. My poor kids were so upset. I didn’t know how to console them.

    In this situation it has educated me on the enclosures and what they need. I know I need to research more but felt that it was appropriate to share how your blog have really helped and informed me. Again thank you so much for sharing you experiences.

    Do you have an email that I can maybe send some additional questions too?

    Thank Again,
    Sascha M.

    • Jocelyn Post author

      Oh no, your poor guinea pig, I can imagine how you all must feel. And yes, feel free to send over further questions and I will certainly try to help. My email address is there at the bottom of the page for you.