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A Whole New World

I’m enjoying a foray into a new world. A totally new world for me.

Brad Paisley albumI don’t know about you, but I rarely have time to even think to try anything new, let alone actually do something about it! For some time now, probably a year or two, I’ve been saying that I’d like to listen to some country music. Yes, that’s all that I haven’t had time for, listening to music. Simple as that.

The problem has been that I was totally clueless about the genre so I wasn’t sure where to even start.

Neither of my parents like country music so I didn’t grow up with any at all, and maybe because they said that is wasn’t any good, I haven’t really listened to it until recently. Which is when I discovered a few tracks that I liked, hence wanting to try a few more. But where to start? Easier not to, so I shelved it.

Fortunately, I mentioned it to my brother and it seems that he does know a thing or two about it, so pointed me in the direction of a few artists that he thought I’d enjoy and he was spot on with his suggestions.

So far, I’ve discovered that I love Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan and I quite enjoy going old school with Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson and the fabulous Dolly.


I’m pleased that I’ve finally got round to adding some country tracks to my iTunes, and I’m enjoying exploring this new-to-me genre. I’ve actually got round to doing something just for me. Just because.

The Husband is not a fan at all, but hey, I’m happy! Is Country a genre that you listen to? If so, I am taking recommendations!

Have you done something new lately, just for you?


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