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A Stroll Round My Garden

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared what’s been happening in my garden here, so I thought that I’d indulge in my ever-growing passion for gardening today and talk plants, flowers and blooms, taking you on a virtual stroll round my garden.

Ever since the start of spring, I’ve been obsessing over and noticing everything out in my garden. It now looks so much greener than it did just a few weeks ago, and there’s been plenty of splashes of colour already. I think my favourite so far has been my Bleeding Heart…

bleeding heart

I’ve enjoyed fillingย a fairย few vases with flowers from my garden so far this year…

flowers in my home

I’ve planted more seeds out there, ready for this year’s cut-flower patch. I’ve been pleased to see that several of the flowers that I planted last year have self-seeded, too, andย I think I’ll have an abundance of poppies this year.

My peonies are coming up and I’ve spied some buds, so I’m looking forward to seeing those flower. I’ve also lots of alliums promising to bloom soon. I’ve yet to have any of my many, many roses flower, and I’ve some new ones this year, too, so I’m keen to see, and smell, those when they come out.

I didn’t really enjoy the vegetable planting last year, so I’ve decided to give that area of the garden over to the children to have as their own. Boo’s been excitedly choosing and sowing seeds in it, whilst Little Man’s been delighting in digging in it. Both of them are always overjoyed to find wriggly worms there! I do think it’s lovely for them to have their own garden, and Boo has also been cultivating some sunflowers indoors, ready to be planted out this weekend. She’s taken a great interest in their progress, so I do hope they fare well outdoors.

These are a few of the flowers that are making me smile out there at the moment…




And I’ve plenty of tulips, buds and seedlings pushing up and making me happy, too…

may garden 2015

Hope you enjoyed strolling round my garden with me. What’s happening in your garden?

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