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A Secret Santa Project

Secret Santa

Oh, I do love a Secret Santa!

When we were invited to take part in a Secret Santa I was keen to get involved as I do love the idea of these. There’s something special about choosing something for another family, so it was with excitement that I embarked upon the task.

We were given the following list of gorgeous gift ideas from the team over at Meadow Kids and asked to spend a little time researching and reading about the blogger’s family that we were secretly assigned to. By a fabulous coincidence, we happened to be given the blog of a lovely lady that I read regularly, as I was to choose presents for Donna’s LP and Little Man over at What The Redhead Said.

Secret Santa Gift List

They should have received their gifts by now and I do hope that the children are happy with their surprises come the big day. Donna – did I get it right?!

Ali from Mum in a Nutshell was given the fun job of choosing for Boo and Little Man and I do love her choices….

Meadow Kids Secret Santa

To be honest, I know that the children would have been happy with any of the items on the list, as they are good quality activity sets.

Boo has received the Build a Stable bath time puzzle set. Boo loves her puzzles, and though I can’t see this one being too taxing for her, I can picture her playing with it once assembled and I know both of the children are always happy to receive new bath toys. They always add an extra dimension to bath time, and we’ve not had any new toys for the bath for some time, so this was a good option.

Little Man has got the About Town Wooden Stamp Set, which I know they will both love to play with. I like stamp crafts, as they’re great for creating pictures and scenes with very little mess or effort! Stamps sets are always a hit here, and I’m quite sure this one will be no exception.

I have now wrapped these up and I look forward to seeing what the kids make of them in a few days time!

Thanks very much, Ali, great choices.

Disclosure: We are taking part in this Secret Santa and receiving the gifts FOC


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    • Jocelyn December 21, 2015
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