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A Little Lockdown Life Update

How’s everyone doing? What are we now, day 8564 of lockdown? It’s hard to know, the days just go on and on and on and on…

Our household is okay, I think. The Husband’s still going out to work, though most of his colleagues have been furloughed. The kids are happy playing together each day. It will be interesting to see how well they adjust back to home school this week as we’ve only done a little over the holidays. We will see!

And me? I think I’m probably struggling the most with it here. I have lost my main freelance writing job, something that I am trying not to think too much about from day to day. I cannot really think beyond this time at the moment as things are all so uncertain. So, I am working on creating some fresh content and ideas for the blog, developing a new venture with my brother and generally enjoying being creative as and when the mood takes me. I hope to share more on these things with you over the next couple of weeks. Beyond that, I am cuddling the kids, watching TV and films, reading, playing games and pottering around in the garden and house as and when I fancy it.

I think that everyone is reacting differently to this situation, and I think that people are in very different situations. Some people seem to be keeping themselves busy, some are switching off from everything, some are relaxing and some are super productive. Most are understandably anxious. We all handle things in different ways and let’s face it, none of us have ever had to handle anything like this before. I suspect that most of us run through the gamut of emotions around this one, probably daily, I know I do.

I find that I like to tick a few things off my list each day, and I make the most of my motivation when it strikes. I’m not putting pressure on myself to do loads more, I am listening to my body and slowing down whenever I feel I need to. It’s working for me, it’s getting me through. Which leads me onto a few of my lockdown learns so far….

Lockdown learns so far:

1. Despite loving my pj’s, I do get dressed early each day as I feel happier and more productive properly clothed! I am a morning person so I tend to get things done in the morning and then relax more as the day progresses. Of course by 5pm I’m back in my pj’s.

2. Calling, texting and emailing friends and family helps. Staying in touch is easy to do these days and I’m grateful for that.

3. I will put on weight. Eating ALL of the bad stuff is bringing me joy at the moment, so I will continue to do so. See points 6 and 10.

4. There is a Kindle app. My Amazon Prime includes lots of free books and magazines. I now have a huge TBR pile on my bookshelves and building up on my tablet. It’s all irresistible to me, especially when I can’t go out and browse for books.

5. Social media can make me laugh, it can connect me and I have had some lovely chats on Twitter and Instagram recently. It has been fun. But, it can also make me sad, worried and angry, so I am careful about the time that I spend there and I filter my feeds as best I can.

6. Rice puddings are helping me through. I make one every few days. Lockdown priorities.

7. The reason that I don’t do more yoga or online exercise classes throughout the year is not because I run out of time each day. I now have more time. Yet I’m still not getting round to those classes. Who knew?

8. A new love affair has started. With houseplants. I have a few and I am enjoying tending to them, and I am making a long list of all of the other ones that I now want. My house is going to so well oxygenated after all of this.

9. Easy Netflix shows are perfect for my mood right now. I liked Virgin River and I’ve just started the Gilmore Girls (I know, I know, so late with this one) and I am loving it.

10. Cherry Bakewell Chocolate Digestives exist. You’re welcome.

And on that note, I will sign off for now. As always, I’ll be sharing snippets of our days over on Instagram, usually making rice puddings, reading books and watching Netflix. Wild lockdown days!

How are you doing?


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