A Handprint Christmas Tree

With Christmas approaching, yesterday the kids and I decided to give a handprint Christmas tree a whirl.

I love the idea of crafts with hand or footprints involved, as I see it as a way to preserve a moment in time, a memento to keep. I toyed with doing footprints initially, but the logistics of that seemed a lot trickier and messier than handprints, so the hands won out!

Thinking it through, I decided to get the children to do lots of handprints on paper for me, so that we could then choose the best ones and cut them out for the tree. This was fun and easy for them to do, as they didn’t have to think about positioning their hands or making every one perfect.

Making handprints

Once the prints were dry, we set about creating our tree.

We used a red piece of A2 card and first cut out a little black bucket from card as the tree’s base.

We then layered the prints on top of one another, from 5 at the bottom, working our way up the five tiers to just 1 print at the top. I put them all into position first to test it out, then grabbed the glue to stick them all down, with Boo’s help. Boo then wanted to add a star to the top, so we simply cut that out of yellow card and popped it on. It was then the part that they’d been excitedly waiting for all day (the paint took a surprisingly long time to dry!), time to decorate the tree. We went for yellow pipe-cleaner tinsel and multi-coloured pompom baubles. You could also do fingerprint baubles.

Handprint Christmas Tree decorating

It was easy and fun to do, and I think it looks really effective. It’ll be a sweet keepsake to bring out every Christmas.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

What do you think?

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