9 Indoor Activities To Do With A 16 Month-Old

My son is pretty active. He’s exceptionally ‘climby’ – I know that’s not a word, but he is! So, I find myself looking for activities that will keep him occupied for longer than 1 minute, and steer him away from chairs, stairs and steps! So these are my suggestions for you, 9 indoor activities to do with a 16 month-old…

9 Indoor Activities to do with a 16 Month Old


This is what we have discovered:

1. Drawing. OK, so he’s not actually ‘drawing’, but scribbling. It’s fantastic for improving his fine motor skills, and he holds a crayon pretty well now. He delights in choosing different colours and making his marks all over the paper.

2. Bubble-blowing. Indoor or outdoor, but for our indoor play, I pop a little mat down so the floor doesn’t get too slippy. This one can keep him engrossed for quite some time! I tend to blow them for him to catch them, but he likes trying to blow them himself, too.

3. Music-making (or noise-making to be more accurate!). We do actually have a few musical instruments, but anything will do. He loves getting the saucepans out with a wooden spoon, too, and making a right racket with those!

4. Hide and Seek. Oh, he loves this! We play it with his sister, so he likes to be carried around while I do all of the hiding/seeking work! We also like to play hide the dog. We have a little Happyland dog, that has become key to this game, but any object will do! Simply hide it from him, and tell him to find it. He squeals with delight when he finds it and likes to hide him, too.

5. Story time. My favourite. Depending on his mood, we may read 1, or it could be 3 or 4, in one sitting. He likes to choose them and bring them over to me. A trip to the library goes down very well, too.

6. Stickering. So simple, sedate and relatively mess free. (though he ‘might’ try to eat them sometimes)

7. Play Doh. As long as you’re away from carpet, this one’s easy and mess-free, too!

8. Tea parties. He loves his tea sets and kitchen play, and likes to offer me a cup to sip from.

9. Tickling and general man-handling! The tickle monster, throwing and bouncing him on the bed, carrying him upside down will all elicit excited shouts!

Hoping this helps out someone else with an equally active toddler! What else would be on your list for keeping a busy 16 month-old entertained indoors?

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