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5 Reasons to Snail Mail

It’s no secret that I love to send snail mail and am a huge advocate of taking time out to put pen to paper. It’s one of those hobbies that becomes just a normal part of life, that pops up and raises a smile at random times and that offers me an hour here and there immersed in my stationery supplies catching up with friends. Most of whom I’ve never actually met, yet they are friends all the same. Writing letters and having pen pals, might seem old-fashioned and pointless in this digital age, but I can think of 5 reasons to snail mail that might just tempt you to do so….

5 Reasons to Snail Mail

Putting Pen to Paper Is Relaxing

I blog, I am on social media a lot, I watch TV and screens and I dash about looking after the kids and home. It is lovely to switch off from devices and technology, surround myself with pretty paper, pens and washi tape and write a few letters.

It’s Lovely Receiving Pretty Letters

Every week I get plenty of junk mail and various bills and statements. These are not exciting. But then every once in a while, I glimpse a pretty handwritten envelope in amongst the rubbish and it brightens my day.

It’s A Reason To Buy Pretty Stationery

Really, I need to elaborate on this point?!

To Connect With People

You will find like-minded friends, you will find people completely different to you, you will become friends with people you’d not have otherwise met in your every day life. Building friendships in this way is always fun and it’s good for the soul to connect.

You Will Make Someone’s Day

Yes, it’s as simple as that. Whether it’s a note out of the blue, a random postcard or a regular pen pal letter, someone knows you were thinking of them, someone has had a lovely little treat in the post. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Are you tempted to get snail mailing now? Do check out Where To Find Pen Pals and What to Write to Your Pen Pal for further inspiration. I do also have a Pen Pal sign up running at the moment, come join in!

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