Daily Archives: February 13, 2014

Boo Draws ‘Rabbit’

We love taking part in This Mummy Loves’ Draw With Me linky. Boo adores her drawing, so always likes to join in with this, and tells me she’s the ‘best’ at colouring each month, so naturally assumes she’ll win…! This month’s theme is ‘my favourite teddy’, which to Boo, actually means her rabbit that she sleeps with, named ‘Rabbit’. The originality is astounding, I know. Anyhoo, here’s her pic.. It is a good likeness! I was impressed with the facial features she added, as it does look like a rabbit to me! She also decided that if Rabbit could be anywhere, Read more >

My Fictional World

Happiness is anyone and anything at all, that’s loved by you. You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. That’s the quote from #ThePrompt this week. Now, family aside, happiness for me will always reside in a book… As regular readers will know, I love escaping within the pages of a good book. I can be sat on my sofa, but be dining in Paris, dancing through the streets of Brazil or strolling in the sunshine in Miami. Or, even in a totally fantastical world, like none I’ve ever experienced before. My favourite, is to be here in the UK, but around Read more >

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