10 Mummy Moments to Savour

10 mummy moments to savour

Do you ever stop and spot the ordinary moments in your days that are actually pretty extraordinary? The ones that you may do over and over and over, most days, but they make you feel happy and warm inside every time anyway? These are the moments to savour, to notice, as I know they’ll fly by. For me, it’s things like..

1. Early morning snuggles in bed with my children. Boo tends to get up then, but sometimes she’ll come back upstairs to find me giving Little Man his milk and climb back in to hug her little brother or ask me to play some music so that they can dance on the bed together.

2. As I clean away after mealtimes, Boo enticing Little Man out of the way to go and play with her and he’ll toddle excitedly after her, both of them laughing.

point3. Grabbing Boo and scooping her onto my lap when she leasts expects it, for cuddles – she resists far more than Little Man, so I feel good when I succeed!

4. Strolling in the park, or round the shops, and partaking in our random and funny chats.

5. Tickle-time. Of course.

6. Listening to Boo ‘reading’ to Little Man, and trying to teach him how to talk.

7. Impromptu family dance sessions in the kitchen while we wait for the dinner to cook – Time Warp anyone?!

8. The children waiting for their bath-time of an evening – always upstairs, with dimmed lights, cosy in our rooms, full of giggles, stories and lately, hide and seek!

9. Reading time. Any book, any story, anywhere, any child! I love these moments.

10. Watching them sleeping. So peaceful.

It’s in the every day moments that I can feel at my happiest. It’s these moments that I suspect will number amongst the best of my life. I think that when I’m old and grey (well, I’m pretty grey now, but you get what I mean..!), I’ll look back on my life and remember these times fondly and wish that I could have them back. So I will cherish them now, and make every second count.

What are your favourites?

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