Where Did My Baby Go?

Yes, yes, ‘they grow so fast’ – you’ve heard that before, right? But, they really do!! I’ve always found that with Boo, but second time round seems to absolutely fly by, and this past week, I’ve looked up and spotted that Little Man is no longer a baby.

I’m not too sure when it happened. In front of my very eyes, of course. It’s funny, but with Little Man, I’ve been less eager, less keen to see him grow. That’s not to say I’ve deliberately held him back (at least I hope not), but equally I’ve not pushed him onwards. I distinctly remember spending afternoons encouraging Boo to roll, whereas with Little Man, it just happened, and sooner than Boo did it, too! From then on, he’s been on the move, and is now firmly in the climbing stage – such fun…!

When Boo was little I subscribed to updates telling me what she was likely to be developing in and doing each month, the key milestones. I loved getting those and checking that she was round about where she was. I didn’t obsess over them, but then, she did hit most milestones around those times, so I suppose I had no need to obsess. I have to count to remind myself how many months old Little Man is (he’s coming up to 15 months) and we’ve not had any milestones checker emails this time. He’s well, he’s happy, he’s enjoying life, he’s developing. I’m not worried.

Maybe that’s why I didn’t really spot that he was no longer a baby. He’s been trying to tell me so himself. He toddles like he’s been walking since he was born. He gabbles away at me all day long – sometimes I understand him, sometimes I don’t, but he bears with me. He throws tantrums when he’s not getting his own way (Boo rarely did tantrums so this is uncharted territory for me). He gets up onto the sofa on his own now, and looks so proud of himself for doing so. He’s even figured out to carry Boo’s step from the bathroom into our bedroom so that he can clamber up on to our bed – very smart! And he ‘reads’. Oh, how he loves his books, bringing them to me one after the other. So when I turned round one afternoon this week, when Boo was at pre-school so it was just son and mum time, I found him like this in his bedroom…


It was a special moment. I saw him for what he is, no longer a baby, but a growing toddler, exploring the world around him with my help, revelling in every day discoveries and testing out his new-found abilities. He is now a little boy, but of course, he’ll always be my baby.

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