7 Jedi Mind Tricks To Get Your Teenage Sith Lord Out Of The House

Parents throughout the country, this is your call to arms. Detaching your beloved child from their tech is becoming a near impossibility. The fact they’re unable to talk to you in anything other than monosyllables (while apparently being able to hold a conversation with everyone else on the planet with an onslaught of tweets, hashtags, emoticons, emojis and decaying Snapchats), means it’s time to act. With recent figures showing that 28% of people between the ages of 2 and 15 are overweight, it really is time to get your offspring up and outside. Like most things about parenthood, it’s going Read more >

7 Jedi Mind Tricks To Get Your Teenage Sith Lord Out Of The House

When You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be Like You

I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I look at myself and the Husband and wonder how the kids will take after us. I wonder if either of them will love history (hope so!), I wonder which one of them will follow me and love scary movies (it’s looking like Little Man has a leaning towards the macabre), I wonder whether they’ll have a passion for reading (it’s looking good so far), I wonder whether they’ll have their dad’s flair for art (Boo’s got it) and I hope that they’ll follow in the Husband’s footsteps in sport and Read more >

Can We Call A Truce on the Competitiveness?

I have been reading a couple of books recently about parenting and education, The Happiest Kids in the World: Bringing up Children the Dutch Way and The Year of Living Danishly. Both European cultures but both so very different from our own. One of the biggest things that struck me was the lack of competitiveness, both as parents and as school children. I do think that here in the UK there is a pressure on kids to perform well from a young age. Grades, SATs, measurements, tests, I accept that these are all a part of school life. I can do Read more >

Can We Call A Truce on the Competitiveness?

20 Great Musicals for Kids

We are starting a new tradition here, and I for one, cannot wait! We have decided that every weekend, my daughter and I will watch a different musical. Yes, I love my musicals and it seems right to ensure that I am passing that love on to my firstborn. So far she shows every sign of taking after me as the ones that we have watched so far together have gone down very well. I can’t quite remember when I fell in love with musicals, and I’m not entirely sure where I get it from as my parents aren’t huge Read more >

Whose Homework is it Anyway?

Ah, the joys of homework. That playground chat stalwart for us parents, along with other firm favourites such as kids party etiquette, the bugs and germs going around, the merits of private tuition and desperately trying to help each other remember all that the children need to take in on any given day. You can be sure that these topics will come up most weeks! So back to homework. My daughter is 7 years old, in Year 2 at school. So of course, she gets homework. It seems from chatting to friends that the amount of homework that each school Read more >

The Last Year

I’ve now been a mother for seven years, seven years this month. I have been at home for seven years. It sounds a long time when I say that, but it has absolutely flown by and I’m not too sure where the time has gone. The kids are at that point where they are getting easier, now that Boo’s 7 and Little Man is 4. They still need us of course, but not for as many every day little things. There’s no more nappies, no more need to carry everything but the kitchen sink with me when we go out, Read more >

The Truth About Toileting Accidents and Bedwetting

It’s not an exciting subject and it’s one that’s rarely talked about, yet it affects so many of our children. As parents we talk about whether our kids are sleeping, eating properly, developing, but not very often about post potty training accidents or bedwetting. So I’m going to talk about it today in the hope that it helps some of you out. And just to give you a heads up, poo will be mentioned a fair bit in this post. I recently read a book that has changed the way I think about all of this. It has changed my Read more >

Just 3 Days

Just 3 days. That’s all it would have taken for things to be looking quite different around here now. My Little Man was born on the 3rd September. He will be four years old in a couple of weeks time and is so looking forward to his birthday, his Avengers birthday cake and a trip to the seaside. I can’t believe he’ll be four and as I look back over the year, it’s been wonderful to see him grow so much. This time last year I remember having play dates where as soon as friends arrived, my son would run to Read more >

School Days

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a campaign about first day school memories over on the Asda Life and Style blog, and it got me thinking about my school days. My school days were, on the whole, happy ones. I enjoyed going, learning, playing with friends and I did well enough. I have flashes of recollections of my nursery and days there and I can remember most of my primary school teachers and all of my friends. I remember the odd lessons here and there. I vividly recall having The BFG and Mrs Pepperpot Stories read to Read more >

We’re DryNites Ambassadors

I’m very happy to share that this year I’ll be working with DryNites®, bringing you advice and sharing our own experiences. DryNites® pyjama pants offer discreet, age-appropriate protection for your child to help them feel as grown-up at night as they do during the day. DryNites® pyjama pants are super absorbent for a growing child, and the stretchy sides make them easy to take on and off like real underwear. The range that my son wears have Spiderman on them, which he absolutely loves so he’s very happy to be putting them on each night. They give him confidence as Read more >

10 Brilliant Board Games for Kids

We love our board games here. I enjoyed them as a child and that has stayed with me to this day. It’s a rare few months that go by here without a new board game arriving. Now for the purposes of this post, I’m calling them board games, though strictly speaking, they don’t all have a ‘board’, but I’m assuming you catch my drift. These are not apps or PS4 games. I firmly believe that playing board games is good for children. It teaches them so many things whilst they are having fun. The need to take it in turns Read more >

10 Brilliant Board Games for Kids: Every Family Home Should Own These!

When Do They Stop Running?

When do they stop running? I was musing on this the other day. At what point in my kids’ childhood will they stop running? My daughter, at 6, runs everywhere. Why walk back in from the garden when you can run? Why walk upstairs to get dressed when you can run? Why walk from shop to shop when you can run? The excitement, energy and enthusiasm that she displays in everything that she does is wonderful to see. Similarly, everything is an adventure to them. The promise of being able to choose anything that they want from Poundland has them squealing Read more >

My Son, the Pathological Liar…

My son is 3 years old. And he lies. A lot. Is this normal, I muse to myself? I suppose one person’s normal is another person’s strange. I know that my daughter wasn’t like this at his age. She’d much rather tell the truth and fight it out with me. My girl is now 6 years old and is the very epitome of fairness, compassion and honesty. She has her faults, of course, but a liar she is not. In fact, on the rare occasion that she attempts it, we both dissolve into fits of laughter because she can’t help Read more >

At the Start of My Day

At the start of my day I am awoken by a small person. The actual small person that wakes me varies, it might be 3 years old, it might be 6 years old. Some days I smile, feeling ready to start the day, my brain immediately kicking into gear and the to-do lists beginning to whir. Some days I inwardly sigh, barely opening my bleary eyes as I shuffle up to make room in our bed for the interloper. My day begins in one of these ways every single time. It can be anywhere between 5.30 and, if I’m really Read more >

Helpful Advice for Parents of School Starters

With school places announced last week, I thought it would be useful to draw on the wisdom of top parent bloggers and have them share with us their advice for those parents who will soon have school starters. It is a scary time for many of us, as we wonder what the school days will bring for our children. Will they settle? Will they enjoy it? Will they be able to keep up? Will their teacher look after them? Will their be a surge of letters, workshops and homework? – most probably! I’ve asked top parenting bloggers to share their Read more >

Those Dreaded Words…

The words that you do not want to hear. The words that tell you, innocently and without malice, that your kids’ feet have grown. Again. Yes, that brief painless moment, taking all of a few seconds that suddenly means I’m going to be spending a fortune that week on footwear. Gulp. Whilst we were away last week, we walked by a Clarks outlet and I suggested that we should get the children’s feet measured as they hadn’t been sized for a while and Little Man had commented over the weekend that his wellies hurt him. It seems he was right Read more >

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