The Benefits of Journaling as a Mother

I am delighted to be welcoming Zoe onto the blog today, as she shares her journaling journey with us and there’s a papery prize up for grabs, read on….. Hello! I’m Zoe of Zoeprose and The Mama Book – thankyou for having me Jocelyn – Bring Back Paper has inspired me a lot through the years. I have three little ones and even though I naturally love to write, for years I pushed journaling aside as something that was unproductive. There were always more important or more interesting things to do, but I’ve realised that the opposite is often true Read more >

The Benefits of Journaling as a Mother

5 Reasons to Snail Mail

5 Reasons to Snail Mail

It’s no secret that I love to send snail mail and am a huge advocate of taking time out to put pen to paper. It’s one of those hobbies that becomes just a normal part of life, that pops up and raises a smile at random times and that offers me an hour here and there immersed in my stationery supplies catching up with friends. Most of whom I’ve never actually met, yet they are friends all the same. Writing letters and having pen pals, might seem old-fashioned and pointless in this digital age, but I can think of 5 Read more >

Come Join the #BringBackPaper Club!

You may have spotted that I ran a pen pal sign up here recently. Well, it went down very well and I have to say I was a little surprised by just how many people did sign up for it. I’d imagined I would be receiving five or six people looking for pen pals, but it was a lot more than that! So much so that it did take me a few hours more than I’d anticipated to match everyone up, double check and then triple check that it all worked, before emailing everyone with their new pen pal details. Read more >

Come and join the bring back paper club

Where to Find Pen Pals

As I write quite often here about sending snail mail, and I talk about it over on Instagram and YouTube regularly, I am often getting asked where to find pen pals. So today I thought it would be a useful post to share a few places to connect. I adore putting pen to paper and writing a letter. There’s something so relaxing about it, and you do connect with people all over the country, or even all over the world. Then there’s that lovely feeling when you spy a handwritten missive in your pile of junk mail, and you just Read more >

Pocket Letters – The Easy Way

Today I am talking snail mail, as regular readers will know that I am a big fan of putting pen to paper. This is a little follow up to a post I wrote last year sharing how to make a pocket letter. It was fun to do, quite relaxing and it went down well with the recipient. But, it took a fair bit more time than I usually have to spend on a letter, so to be honest I haven’t sent one for some time. Until now. Ah yes, I am now all about pocket letters again! I have discovered Read more >

#30DaysOfPaper on Instagram

I am thinking that it’s about time that we had another Instagram papery challenge! This one will run from the 1st November, so I’m giving you a little bit of time to get ready and spread the word if you think others might like to have a go at this one, too. If you’ve not seen this before, it’s a simple photo a day challenge designed to get you thinking paper, and admiring snaps of other people’s stationery stashes and shelfies. It’s a lovely way to connect with like-minded folk over on Instagram and I adore scrolling through the hash tag Read more >

Papery Peep September 2016

For this month’s Papery Peep, I’ve decided to share a little washi tape love with you. Now if washi tape is an unknown to you, you are in for a treat because it is so pretty! Here’s a peep at my collection…. Washi tape is very versatile, so if you’re looking for inspiration on how to use yours, I’d recommend checking out my Pinterest Washi Tape board – so many gorgeous ideas! Personally, I use mine for two things, my bullet journal and my snail mail. If you take a look at my Envelope Art for the Unartistic post, you’ll see how Read more >

Stationery Swap September 2016

Now what could brighten up the return to school and routine? Oh yes, it’s the #BringBackPaper stationery swap! For all of you stationery addicts out there, this is a chance to spread a little happiness and receive a pretty parcel guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s nice and easy to get involved. Just pop a bundle of stationery bits and bobs together, and send them out into the world to your swap partner so that they have received them by the end of September. You can include whatever you fancy, such as notepaper, jotters, stickers, pens, washi, Read more >

Papery Peep August 2016

The end of the month is upon us, which means it’s Papery Peep time. I’ve read so many books this month! A sure sign that university is out and I’d worked ahead because of having the kids at home with me. Free time meant reading time! I did also pop to the library, mainly for the children, but I came out with a handful of books, too, so I have had plenty to keep my busy. I’ve just looked back over my book journal and I’ve read 12 books this month, which surprised me a bit. I’ll no doubt be Read more >

Envelope Art for the Unartistic

As you will no doubt know by now, I enjoy my snail mail. I love sending letters out into the world and it’s great to receive pretty post in return. I find that the delight of discovering a little happy mail in my post box often begins with a pretty envelope. It will look nothing like a bill or junk mail, it will look tempting, friendly and inviting. I have a Letter Writing Love board over on Pinterest that is just chock-full of beautiful and inspiring images. I’d love to create and send post like that, but the snag? I’m completely Read more >

Young HoneyTree Stationery Review & Giveaway

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a package full of paper gorgeousness in my HoneyTree Post Review and Giveaway (the give away is still running, by the way!) and I promised that I would bring you more. Well, that day has arrived. Today I am sharing with you the delights of Young HoneyTree, a stationery subscription box for children…. Young HoneyTree Designed for children 6-12yrs, our specially curated box of stationery surprises will make them reach for a pen instead of a keyboard. They’ll have great fun discovering what’s in their parcel each month… and you never Read more >

8 Reasons You Should Be Using A Bullet Journal

I have been using my bullet journal since mid-June and it’s fair to say that I am a total convert. If you’ve yet to try one, or haven’t heard of them, today I’m going to be givign you 8 reasons that you should be using a bullet journal, and let’s see if you become a convert, too. I wasn’t sure that I would be converted, to be honest, but seeing them everywhere I was intrigued and wanted to give it a go. I’ve used various planners, notebooks and journals before and I don’t always stick to them, sometimes finding them Read more >

HoneyTree Post Review & Giveaway

I have got a treat for you today! I have received a stationery subscription box from HoneyTree Post and I am bursting to show it to you, along with giving you the chance to win one. My box is from The Stationery Lovers Club, so let me tell you a little about it and then you’ll be able to feast your eyes on the contents. The Stationery Lovers Club Beautifully designed? exclusive items from the UK’s leading illustrated bespoke stationers. You will receive at least 7 stationery items with a retail value of no less than £30. As an example, items Read more >

Papery Peep July 2016

It’s Papery Peep time already! July has flown by, hasn’t it? I don’t know quite where it went. I know that I didn’t get as much reading done as I normally do, though I struggle to put my finger on exactly why. I need to get through loads of books in August to make up for it, I think! Here’s what I did manage to read.. Looking at it now, I’d say it’s a fairly eclectic mix! I then want to share some lovely stationery goodies that I’ve received in the post. The first is from a new stationery subscription company, Read more >

Stationery Subscription Boxes

You know that I love stationery. I also love snail mail. Combine the two and I am a very happy soul! Getting papery goodness through the post is always going to put a smile on my face and I know that there are many stationery addicts out there just like me. For today’s #BringBackPaper post I wanted to share with you a round-up of some great stationery subscription boxes and what they say about themselves, some of which I have had the pleasure to sample, and if so I’ll share the link so you can take a closer look, and some of Read more >

Stationery for the Summer with Got2Jot

The summer holidays are on the horizon, some of you may already have the kids at home by now. My two break up next Friday, and as we’re not going away we have many weeks to fill. And what better way to fill them than with stationery? Obviously. So today I wanted to share with you a few stationery suggestions from Got2Jot to keep the children busy this summer, along with offering you a chance to win a ‘My Holiday’ book. A few journals and logs for the kids to keep up with… My Holiday Book Holiday journal for children Read more >

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