Project Garden Update 7th November 2013

70At the weekend, as it was raining and we wanted to all get out of the house, we popped along to a garden centre. This was extremely fortuitous, as they had a 70% sale on their outdoor plants – I was happy! Clearly, when faced with such a proposition, I had absolutely no choice but to make a few purchases. I got us a new acer, a syringa red pixie and a honeysuckle. My mum’s also been on the lookout for a certain David Austin rose, Jude the Obscure, and I spotted the very last one in the sale so picked that up for her, too – she DAFFODILdeserves a treat for all services rendered in Project Garden! All in, it was just under £20, and it should have cost £66 pre-sale – brilliant! They also had a lovely lady there helping children to plant up a daffodil in a pot, and giving them that as a gift, along with an activity sheet, badge and balloon – Boo was delighted! So, a successful trip all round.

With plants purchased, and this being our last week of garden rubbish collections here, we knew we had to get out there and do a little more work on the project. Help was at hand, in the shape of the children!


Little Man was, admittedly, more hindrance than help, but Boo was great raking up those leaves and helped with some planting, too.

We now have our new acer planted up in a pot..

garden 5th nov 024

And my mum did a fantastic job practically finishing clearing the rockery, while I was wrangling with Little Man!

garden 5th nov 014

As you’d expect, it being a rockery, we’ve now a pile of unused rocks available, which we think will make for a wonderful fairy garden structure..

garden 5th nov 015

And here are a few of my favourite plants out there at the moment..

garden colour Now that the area’s getting cleared, it’s time to start making a few structural decisions, as although I’m clear about wanting a wildlife garden, cut-flower patch and a fruit and veg area, how that will all look is still a little hazy in my mind. I’m hoping that the more progress we make, the more clear that will become!

How’s your garden doing?

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