Little Man’s Playtime

My children get on very well together, which is lovely to see, and a relief for me! They’ll happily play together, or alongside each other, comfortable in each other’s company. It means that I can let the pair of them get on with it, and create their own mayhem and chaos, accompanied by the sounds of delighted giggles.

But, sometimes, it’s nice for them to have a bit of time without the other. To have the run of the playroom and all of the wonders that it encases..

Little Man Playing

Boo goes to pre-school for a couple of days a week. It gives Little Man and I a little bit of time together, and I like to let him choose the activities. I find it fascinating to see what he opts for, and to watch his delight in exploring. It amazes me how quickly he is developing. I feel like he was a tiny baby a month or two ago, and yet here he is running from one toy to the next and bringing it over to me to open up and play with him. He likes to get himself seated properly at his table to enjoy the fun, and just so you know, the four pictures taken above were taken within 5 minutes, no exaggeration, and there was also some climbing thrown into that 5 minutes, not photographed as I was busy supervising it! He rushes around, like any toddler would, I think, when given the run of a playroom without a big sister getting in his way…!

It’s a total joy to see, moments that I treasure, and that I suspect Little Man does, too.

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