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Today I wanted to share something of a go-to post for all of your snail mail needs, a free pen pal resources list for you. It includes plenty of printables, from writing paper to pen pal trackers, along with a stack of ideas for snail mail that you can send. I hope that it helps and inspires you…

Writing Paper

Of course, you can use any paper you want, but if you’re looking to pretty your letters up, here are a few websites where you can download a variety of paper designs from:
Printable border stationery
Fun printable paper
Cute and Colourful Stationery


You can create your own envelopes using wrapping paper scraps, magazines, leaflets, or plain old paper:
How to Make DIY Envelopes
Free Printable Envelopes and Labels
Fold Your Own Geometric Envelopes

Fun Templates

If you want to change things up a little and send fun quizzes and questions, try some of these ideas.
Fill In The Blank Sheet
Letter Prompt Printable
Pen Pal Survey
Send a ‘Currently I’m’

Pen Pals Trackers

If you have a few pen pals, then a Pen Pal Tracker might come in handy. Here are a couple for you:
Free Happy Mail Tracker
Pen Pal Record

Creative and Fun Snail Mail Ideas

Here are a few ideas of different types of snail mail to send:
Shakers for Flip Books
Send a Pocket Letter
Easy Envelope Flip Books
Snail Mail: What to Send
Make an Accordian Letter
Envelope Art for the Unartistic
100 Flat Things to Send to your Pen Pal
16 Really Cool Ways to Address an Envelope

Oh, and if all of this has just served to make you want to have pen pals, then do check out Where to Find Pen Pals.

I hope this has helped. It’s certainly got me keen to send some post this week! I do share more snail mail tips and stationery goodies over on my YouTube channel, so pop over there if you’re looking for more inspiration.

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