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The Blog Plans…After Uni

As I move into my final few weeks of my Open University course, it’s fair to say that my attention is largely being diverted that way. So firstly I’d ask, please do bear with me. I will still be sharing and posting here, I will still be popping up on social media, but it may just not be quite as often. Though if you check out my Instastories, you’ll probably see streams of me studying there, so yes, that’s what I’ll be up to and where you can find me. All being well, I’ll complete my degree mid-May, and then Read more >

Things I’m Most Looking Forward To On Our Disney World Holiday

If you’re a regular reader here you may remember when I shared that we’d booked to go to Disney World next year. To me, that feels like just a few weeks ago, but it was actually six months ago now which means we have only six months now before we go. Only six months! Given how quickly that time has flown by, I know we’ll be boarding that plane before we know it! A big part of this holiday is the anticipation and planning. We have spent so many hours chatting all things Disney, watching ride videos with the kids, Read more >

Do Your Kids Have Cool Grandparents?

Do your kids have cool grandparents? Or do you? What makes them cool? I’d say that my nan was pretty cool. She taught us how to play cards, and yes, we played for money. Big stakes, a penny a go! My brother and I used to love staying with her because she’d do those little things that we didn’t do at home, the out of the norm treats. Staying up that bit later, sharing a room when we stayed there, playing endless board games with us and taking us round to the local shop and buying us lots of sweets. Read more >

Make A Difference In Your Community

Today I’m sharing some details about a local project that’s been making a real difference to the declining bee population. Buzzing Hotspots are being created all over the city, with the support of funding from the Aviva Community Fund. This is good news for the bee population and this year’s Aviva Community Fund is now open for you to submit your project, so do read on for more information on that. Over the weekend, the Urban Buzz project had an installation just outside the Bull Ring in Birmingham to spread the news about what they do, giving away seed packets Read more >

Must-Visit World War II Sites in Europe

A trip to historic sites is always an exciting one to share with the kids. Not only can you visit remarkable places and enjoy exciting activities, you can also teach kids about the past and important moments in history. World War II is not a point in history that should be celebrated, but it is a historic moment that should not be forgotten either. Europe has a lot of extraordinary World War II sites filled with stories about bravery and courage from the era. Since I’m planning another trip to several European countries, I decided to take a closer look Read more >

Influential Role Models Your Kids Should Meet When They’re Still Young

As the kids grow up, it’s easy for the years to fly by. Imparting lessons about life and the positive role models that certain people play in their jobs is an important idea to plant in the minds of the little ones. Here are a few important types of people who are worth meeting to open your child’s eyes to the possibilities for the future. Guarding the Palace When visiting London, seeing the Changing of the Guard is almost a rite of passage for anyone interested in pomp and ceremony. However, the role of guarding the British Royal family is Read more >

4 Nursing Qualities You Already Possess as a Mom

Nursing is an excellent field for women to consider. The number of career paths, career flexibility, and excellent pay are major reasons why. The fact that we cannot automate patient care is another benefit, though patients themselves wouldn’t want it. An aging population is increasing demand for nurses. Why aren’t more women in the field? Because they think they can’t handle it. The reality is, many of us can and are readier than we think. Here are four nursing qualities you already possess as a mom. Built-In Tolerance for Bodily Fluids There are jokes about medical students passing out at Read more >

Boo’s Dream Horse

Ever since Boo was around two or three years old, she has loved horses. Ponies, unicorns, zebras, any variation on the equine theme really, though I’d say that her absolute favourites have always been zebras. She used to adore Madagascar when she was a toddler, watching it over and over, and Marty the zebra was her favourite character, so I think this is where it came from. These days, she also has a love of soft toys. She doesn’t really ask for much, rarely mentioning any toys that she wants, but I can guarantee that the one thing she will Read more >

Little Man’s Dream Pet

What would your dream pet be? A beautiful blue French Bulldog? A cute ball of fluffy kitten? Perhaps something more unusual, a pygmy hippopotamus or a big cat? We have our lovely guinea pigs here, though when asked about dream pets, it’s nice to think about other animals we could have. I’ve always loved penguins, so perhaps a sweet little Humboldt or Gentoo. Now you’ll notice that these pets are all real animals, but when asking my Little Man about his dream pet, it was brilliant to see his imagination take flight as he sat down to create his very Read more >

photo printing

At Last I Have Actual Photos!

I take a lot of photos. I suspect we all do these days. Remember when we were little (and I am of a certain age here) and the camera only came out for Christmas, birthdays and holidays? And then you had to wait for the film to be sent off and developed before you could see the ones where heads had been missed off, the blurry shots and the random moments when you’d managed to get your hands on the camera. Admittedly the photos were worse than they are now as we can take and retake and actually see how Read more >

Summer Menswear

With our holidays coming up and the sun making an occasional appearance here, thoughts have turned to summer clothes. The kids always come first, so their shopping is all done and they are ready for summer. I’ve then picked up a few new skirts and vests over the past couple of months, which is basically what I live in over the warmer months, so it’s time to think about summer menswear for the Husband. We’ve been having a browse, thanks to a lovely invitation to do so from the folks over at Jacamo, at all of their range. It’s really Read more >


Happy Blog Birthday To Me!

Yes, today is this little blog’s birthday, four years old today. Those four years have flown by and I can’t really imagine not blogging. My daughter was a preschooler when I started this and my son a baby. Boo’s about to go into KS2 and Little Man’s starting school soon. This blog has grown up with them. This blog has brought me so many wonderful opportunities, introduced me to great products and places, taught me new skills, kept me busy and happy, and has even managed to give me lovely friends. Clever blog! Blogging is a strange old world, one that Read more >

9 British Historical Figures With an Intriguing Past

Regular readers will know how much I love history, so much so that I’m studying it at the moment.  But I’m aware that not everyone is fan, so I thought this might tempt some of you to look a little closer… Curious to know who they are? Have a look at the exciting lives of these British historical figures. 1. Edward VI At the age of just nine Edward VI became King of England. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few years, he died from tuberculosis when he was 15. It’s said that he used to have a savage temper, but who Read more >

Tomorrow I Will Be 40

Or to put it another way, today’s the last day of being in my thirties. I have spent the last few days celebrating, as Friday was the Husband’s 41st birthday and then we had the weekend to ourselves whilst the kids stayed at my mum’s. It was lovely. Today we have Little Man with us so we’ll be off out on an adventure before picking up Boo later. Then tomorrow, on the big day, Little Man will be at nursery, so it’s just the two of us again and I am doing what every self-respecting bookworm does. Visiting a huge second Read more >

SSE: The Energy Behind Women’s Football

Today I’m sharing more about SSE’s commitment to women’s football, at all levels of the game. As a parent, I am keen that my children get chances to try new things, experience different clubs and challenge themselves with different sports. I want to give them access to as many different possible hobbies, skills, and ultimately passions, as I possibly can. And then once they find those favourite pastimes, we will be right here supporting them every step of the way. Living in England, I can’t help but suspect that at some stage, that hobby will be football. It’s been a Read more >

I’m An Agony Aunt!

Yes, you read that right, someone has come to me for advice, I am now an agony aunt! The team over at More Than contacted me recently asking me if I’d like to get involved in their new Agony Aunt feature. Unsure whether I would actually be able to help people, I tentatively said yes thinking that it would be good to give it a try at least. I honestly did not know what to expect, though I had a good idea that I would be helping people with household problems, rather than any emotional issues. So I popped my Read more >

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