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A Wedding Anniversary To Look Forward To

We missed our wedding anniversary last month. Well, when I say missed, we knew it when it came around, we exchanged cards and thoughtful family and friends had sent cards and gifts. But our daughter was ill on our anniversary so the meal we’d planned to go out for didn’t happen and then my girl’s poorliness kind of took over for another week or so, our anniversary forgotten. It was already a strange one as it was the first one that the Husband didn’t have off work, fortunately with hindsight, as plans would have gone by the wayside anyway. We Read more >

Wedding bouquet

Which Wedding Venue Is Right For You?

It’s with a strange and impeccable sense of timing that Simply Be sent over this rather handy infographic to me today about choosing the right wedding venue. You see tomorrow it’s mine and the Husband’s wedding anniversary, so I have actually had my own wedding on my mind today. Take a peek at this, and do tell me, which of these did you, or would you, go for? Please click here to view a larger version We actually went for somewhere between two of these options, as we married in an historic building (I know, you’re surprised I’d choose this!) Read more >

My New Tea Obsession!

I’ve recently discovered that I am cow’s milk intolerant, so I’m now trying to avoid all cow’s milk products (as well as egg whites, which is a whole other issue). I will share more about the food intolerance testing process and how I’m doing with this soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to talk about tea. I’m actually not a huge hot drinks consumer anyway, so I couldn’t have been taking in that much cow’s milk through them. I do not like coffee at all, I have a fennel tea to start my day off and then I usually drink water Read more >

What were the VERY best things about being a child 50 or so years ago?

I’ve been sent over the details of a survey that’s been completed asking people what were the very best things about being a child 50 or so years ago, and it’s been really interesting reading the results and then reflecting upon my childhood and the differences that I can already see in my children’s. The survey was carried out on behalf of McCarthy and Stone and asked 2000 people over the age of 65 fifteen questions about their childhood. Topping the survey was ‘Playing Outside Until It Got Dark’, followed by ‘Having Respect For Your Elders’ which I suspect is more a Read more >

Is Blogging the Best Job in the World?

Is blogging the best job in the world? Hmm, not that I’m biased or anything, but I think it comes close for me. The Ambition I read a survey recently about the jobs that the next generation are most keen to do. Being a blogger made it into the top five on that list. It’s funny as when I was little, this wasn’t even a thing, people barely even had computers back then let alone the World Wide Web! My kids see me doing this, but I have to say, they’ve not expressed any desire to be bloggers. Maybe they Read more >

Is Blogging the Best Job in the World?

This is the Year that I Turn 40

Ah, hello 2017. I was born in 1977, so yes, this year, I will be 40. It’s a funny old age as it seems to be such a big deal, and clearly I am aware of it as it’s there in my mind as the new year comes in. My birthday’s not until June so it isn’t as though it is right on the horizon. The plans? The Husband’s birthday is four days before mine so we always have those few days off together. His falls on a Friday this year, which just so happens to be a day that Little Read more >

Blog Highlights of 2016!

Ah, a chance to look back over the past year here on the blog and share a few of my blogging highlights, most popular posts and the things that have made me happy. Blog Highlights Where to start? There have been so many great things about blogging this year that I know I’ll miss things out here, so do feel free to remind me. Firstly, as always, it’s the people that blogging brings to you that make it the best. I have some lovely friends who are bloggers, I’ve met so many more great people through various blog events over Read more >

Gorgeous Winter Wear for Kids

If there’s one thing that I do like about winter, it’s winter wear. The scarves, woolly hats, boots and big warm coats. Then underneath all of those clothes there are the jumpers, with shots of glitter and sparkles, tartan prints, chunky cords and more. I do love it, and it’s all about the kids wardrobes, far more so than mine! That’s the great thing about being a child, outgrowing your clothes all the time so that you need new ones! Fortunately, I do like choosing both Boo and Little Man gorgeous clothes to wear over Christmas and then for their outdoors Read more >

Gizmo Saves Christmas!

December is on the horizon now. Christmas music is playing, shops are becoming chaotic, trees are going up, presents are getting wrapped, so I think I can now talk freely about Christmas without it being ‘too early’! I want to talk about Christmas ads, as they seem to be such a huge deal now and a real part of the countdown to Christmas. Today I want to share with you a Christmas advert for animal-lovers, as Vision Direct releases its Christmas campaign for 2016. It is the story of Gizmo the pug, who you may remember from their viral ad Read more >

That ‘Fries-day’ Feeling!

A couple of weeks ago I shared all about McCain’s ‘Fries-day’ campaign. It means that Friday becomes ‘Fries-day’ here and it’s a chance for the kids to choose their favourite teatime meal. After a full-on week, I do like to make Friday an easy meal night, so this has taken it to the next level as the children now run ‘Fries-day’ tea, even going as far as writing the shopping lists for me… They really do take ‘Fries-day’ seriously and check with me each time the shopping is delivered that their food order has arrived. It will always include McCain Read more >

Could Leetchi.com Be Useful For You?

Have you heard of Leetchi.com? As they’re new to the UK, probably not, I hadn’t. But when they got in touch with me to share what they do I could see the appeal straightaway and how very useful their service can be. That’s why I want to tell you all about it today as I can see it being handy for so many of us, especially in the run-up to Christmas when gift money collections are taking place all over the UK. Let me give you a little background about Leetchi.com and an idea of how it works. It was Read more >

This is Why I Blog

Last week was half term. We caught up with friends, we baked, we crafted, we read, we drew, we played and we lounged. Nothing special, all completely ordinary, and I loved it. Here’s a little moment, completely average, but one that felt just so right… As I say, ordinary. Boo absorbed with her books, Little Man playing with his own construction, both content in their own little worlds. Both ignoring me photographing them – I’m a blogger, I take LOADS of photos! So what’s so special about this moment? Nothing. That’s kinda the point. Let me explain by taking a Read more >

On Sibling Love

I have no doubt mentioned here before that I have a brother. A little brother, though to be fair, he is a tad taller than me now! My brother and I have the same age gap as my children. Well, if we’re being absolutely exact, our age gap is 2 years, 11 months and 2 days, whereas Little Man’s and Boo’s is 2 years and 11 months dead on. And yes, my brother did berate me at the time of Little Man’s birth for not getting the gap right! We got on well as kids. My childhood is filled with Read more >

Girls in Football

My daughter came home from school last week excited to tell me about her PE lesson, as she’d been learning how to play football. She couldn’t wait for Daddy to come home from work so that they could go out into the garden and she could show him all she’d learned. It didn’t matter that when the Husband came home he was tired and ready for a sit down, his girl wanted to play football with him so he grabbed his trainers and out they went. I loved watching them and listening to Boo telling her dad how best to Read more >

Top Tips for Beautiful Every Day Hair

Last week I was fortunate to be invited along to an evening at Anthony John Salons, a chance to talk hair and have a good look around the beautiful and inviting salon. We kicked off with a tour of the salon and a chat with Tony who is enthusiastic and passionate about ensuring his clients get the best possible experiences when visiting his salon. A visit to Anthony John Salons is a pleasure. It just screams ‘me-time’, from the beautifully scented burning candles to the upper mezzanine area, The Balcony, where you can relax, grab a drink and wait for your Read more >

Top 10 Billy Joel Songs

Do you know what I love most about my blog? The fact that I really can write about anything I like, and today, I want to write about Billy Joel! As regular readers may know, the Husband and I went to see him at Wembley this month, the second time that we’ve seen him perform live. He is fabulous live. For a performer with so many albums and hit songs, he can just blast out hit after hit, along with his wry chat in between tracks. I think there were 70,000 people at Wembley, he was on stage for two Read more >

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