When You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be Like You

I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I look at myself and the Husband and wonder how the kids will take after us. I wonder if either of them will love history (hope so!), I wonder which one of them will follow me and love scary movies (it’s looking like Little Man has a leaning towards the macabre), I wonder whether they’ll have a passion for reading (it’s looking good so far), I wonder whether they’ll have their dad’s flair for art (Boo’s got it) and I hope that they’ll follow in the Husband’s footsteps in sport and Read more >

Can We Call A Truce on the Competitiveness?

Can We Call A Truce on the Competitiveness?

I have been reading a couple of books recently about parenting and education, The Happiest Kids in the World: Bringing up Children the Dutch Way and The Year of Living Danishly. Both European cultures but both so very different from our own. One of the biggest things that struck me was the lack of competitiveness, both as parents and as school children. I do think that here in the UK there is a pressure on kids to perform well from a young age. Grades, SATs, measurements, tests, I accept that these are all a part of school life. I can do Read more >

5 Tips for GCSE Students

My younger nephew is now doing his GCSE’s. Like many parents, his have been invited into school to listen to the new structure, grading systems and also to hear ways in which they can offer support to their children. We have been chatting about it, so I thought it might be helpful to share what they’ve been told here, in 5 tips for GCSE students… OK, first up, this is something of a pre-GCSE tip. Choose the subjects that you enjoy. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing or the best timetable options (though I know these can restrict Read more >

Are We Ready?

My Little Man starts school this year. This year. How can that even be? When it was coming up to Boo starting school, I cried. A lot. I knew that she was ready for it, so that wasn’t a worry for me, it was more the feeling that she would no longer be all mine. That someone else would be teaching and showing her things. That I couldn’t be there all the time to protect her from anything life threw at her. That we could no longer do as we pleased, regardless of holidays and school runs. I wrote The Read more >

Siblings January 2017

OK, to sum the siblings up this month is easy – they absolutely adore each other! Having two weeks off over Christmas has meant that they are the very best of friends. We had a wonderful break and the kids were just revelling in being together 24/7. Boo’s return to school has meant that every afternoon they try to cram in about a day’s worth of play in the couple of hours they have together, and they give it a good go! They have yet to come down after Christmas and as we were keen to keep the fun times Read more >

Whose Homework is it Anyway?

Ah, the joys of homework. That playground chat stalwart for us parents, along with other firm favourites such as kids party etiquette, the bugs and germs going around, the merits of private tuition and desperately trying to help each other remember all that the children need to take in on any given day. You can be sure that these topics will come up most weeks! So back to homework. My daughter is 7 years old, in Year 2 at school. So of course, she gets homework. It seems from chatting to friends that the amount of homework that each school Read more >

Siblings November 2016

Another month, another Siblings post. I have to admit, I am struggling to believe we’re in November! The kids are in Christmas mode. Already. It’s kind of difficult for them not to be as everywhere they go there are adverts, signs and products promoting it, so of course to them it’s just around the corner yet the wait seems like it’s forever. They are happy, they are excited, and they are like little bottles of pop! They are always cheerful and play well together, but it’s like they’re on a permanent sugar rush this month and I can only see them Read more >

Life in Year 2 So Far….

Boo’s now been in Year 2 for half a term and the time has absolutely flown by. She settled really quickly with her new teachers and seems happy there. One of the first things I noticed was the increased responsibility that they are encouraging. Many of the children have ‘jobs’ this year that they could put themselves forward for. Boo was desperate to be a classroom monitor and was fortunate to be selected as one. This means that she has exciting tasks such as checking there are no coats on the floor and that everywhere is tidy – seriously, she is Read more >

Siblings October 2016

This month has seen Boo turn 7. Seven years old already, the time has flown by. It’s funny as of course we had Boo for nearly three whole years before Little Man arrived, but I can’t imagine her without him, her partner in crime. And she cannot remember a time when she was our only child. I know, I know, I say this every month, but they really are the best of friends. Boo has lots of lovely friends at school and a few out of school, too, and Little Man is settling again at nursery after the summer break Read more >

The Last Year

I’ve now been a mother for seven years, seven years this month. I have been at home for seven years. It sounds a long time when I say that, but it has absolutely flown by and I’m not too sure where the time has gone. The kids are at that point where they are getting easier, now that Boo’s 7 and Little Man is 4. They still need us of course, but not for as many every day little things. There’s no more nappies, no more need to carry everything but the kitchen sink with me when we go out, Read more >

The Truth About Toileting Accidents and Bedwetting

It’s not an exciting subject and it’s one that’s rarely talked about, yet it affects so many of our children. As parents we talk about whether our kids are sleeping, eating properly, developing, but not very often about post potty training accidents or bedwetting. So I’m going to talk about it today in the hope that it helps some of you out. And just to give you a heads up, poo will be mentioned a fair bit in this post. I recently read a book that has changed the way I think about all of this. It has changed my Read more >

Happy 7th Birthday, Boo

Today my beautiful girl is seven years old. Seven! I vividly remember the moment that she entered the world, calm in the water and just so utterly perfect. She was an active baby, an active toddler and as ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 have seen her remain active, I’m going to assume that 7 will be no different! The energy that this girl possesses is just boundless and though it can be exhausting, it’s great to see her always buzzing around from one thing to another. She rarely walks anywhere, as why walk when you can run, dance, jump Read more >

Happy 4th Birthday, Little Man

My Little Man is 4 years old today. I can hardly believe it! I thought Boo had grown up quickly, but Little Man’s years seem to be flying by. Four years ago today, Little Man made his way into the world by way of a planned cesarean section. He was a cuddly baby, always content as long as he was fed and sleeping near, or preferably, on me. So what’s changed in those four years? My son is still very much a cuddler, and it’s always to me that he rushes to when he needs reassurance and comfort. He still Read more >

Just 3 Days

Just 3 days. That’s all it would have taken for things to be looking quite different around here now. My Little Man was born on the 3rd September. He will be four years old in a couple of weeks time and is so looking forward to his birthday, his Avengers birthday cake and a trip to the seaside. I can’t believe he’ll be four and as I look back over the year, it’s been wonderful to see him grow so much. This time last year I remember having play dates where as soon as friends arrived, my son would run to Read more >

Swimming with SwimFin

My son is three years old and we’ve yet to really do any swimming with him. He’s been in the pool on odd occasions like holidays, but that’s about it. I’m not overly concerned as my daughter didn’t start her swimming lessons until shortly after she started school and is doing well now, but I would like to start taking him and ensure that he is at least happy in the water and is not scared of it. I’d like him to be able to splash about, put his head under water, play on the slides and so forth, and Read more >

School Days

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a campaign about first day school memories over on the Asda Life and Style blog, and it got me thinking about my school days. My school days were, on the whole, happy ones. I enjoyed going, learning, playing with friends and I did well enough. I have flashes of recollections of my nursery and days there and I can remember most of my primary school teachers and all of my friends. I remember the odd lessons here and there. I vividly recall having The BFG and Mrs Pepperpot Stories read to Read more >

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