Siblings April 2018

These two have absolutely loved the Easter holidays. We’ve not got up to much, it’s been a nice mix of catching up with friends and family, a few trips out and then lots of time playing and relaxing at home. They have enjoyed it all, whether they be playing ‘Peter Pan’ in the garden, exploring the Sea Life Centre, colouring side by side or snuggled up for a movie night, they have been happy. They’ve had a couple of sleepovers, once at my mum’s house and then once here as they shared a bedroom. They love doing this, and they Read more >

The Best Things About Nephews

The best things about nephews (or nieces for that matter, I simply don’t have any) has got to be that balance of complete love with very little responsibility. It’s perfect! I am fortunate enough to have two nephews, two brilliant nephews. Nope, no bias here at all. I have been there to watch them grow and develop, having seen them pretty much every week of their lives. My eldest nephew, now 21, was around eighteen months old when I first met him, as I started dating the Husband. He was the first grandchild, the first nephew, the first son, so Read more >

Siblings March 2018

These two are too close this month, just too close! I think it’s a combination of a few things, from awful weather weekends keeping us inside a bit more than usual, the excitement of our upcoming holiday and Little Man being poorly a couple of times. All of these things together mean that their energy levels are high and their desire to be as close as they physically can to one another has got up a notch. Boo hates it when Little Man is ill and counts down the moments until they can play and cuddle together again. And given Read more >

My Music Starts Here

Today I’d like to introduce you to My Music Starts Here, and share a little about it. My Music Starts Here is an online learning platform for young children, ages 3-8, featuring over 100 fun and engaging music educational videos. Kids will learn to sing different children’s songs, move to music, keep the steady beat, sing songs using solfege, be inspired to compose their own music, and even have the opportunity to learn beginning skills at the piano. It was created by Mary and Mike Anderson, experts in early childhood music education and piano pedagogy as well as parents to Read more >

Siblings February 2018

A new tradition has started in our house. Apparently, every Sunday is now Disney Day! The kids decided this two to three weeks ago, when we got our Disney World holiday countdown up and running. They tell me that as it is now this year that we are going, they need to have a Disney Day every weekend to prepare for it. A Disney Day tends to involve watching at least one Disney film, playing Disney music and dancing round to it, colouring in Disney colouring books, playing Disney board games and getting their vast number of Disney toys and Read more >

“Acts of Kindness: A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else's life.”

It’s The Little Things That Count

I sit and write this at the end of a long day. Nothing too traumatic or dramatic, a common enough occurrence for any parent. Little Man has a sickness bug. As such, I’m running on about two hours of broken sleep and have been cleaning and taking care of him all day, along with trying to get my work done where I can. I’m sure pretty much every parent has been there at some point. Yet unusually for me, as I hate these bugs ordinarily, I’m feeling pretty good. ‘Tis strange. And the reason for my weirdly chipper mood has Read more >

A 5 Step Guide to Child-Proofing Your Home

Whether you’re a well-established parent or a newcomer to our whacky (but wonderful) world, the safety of your young one(s) is imperative. Baby-proofing your home and ensuring your little one will be safe can seem a little overwhelming. But, there’s no reason to panic. We’ve put together a smart little guide to ensure your home is as safe as possible – and even thrown in a couple of our top tips for child safety as your bambino grows up. 1. Avoiding bumps and lumps It’s unavoidable that your home will be full of tripping hazards. Luckily, there are a few Read more >

A 5 Step Guide to Child-Proofing Your Home

Siblings January 2018

We had a brilliant Christmas break, a much needed fortnight off school for these two. We broke up quite late so they only had a couple of days off before the big day itself – it’d be fair to say that excitement levels were high! It actually worked quite well as they then had a couple of weeks together playing with their new toys and activities. And my two do like to play together. I’d say Boo likes to have the odd hour or two to herself here and there where she takes herself up to her room and plays Read more >

Meet the HiPP Buddies and the New Range!

As you know we’ve been working with the lovely team over at HiPP Organic sharing my reflections on the weaning days and this month they have a new savoury range out to shout about. Read on to meet the HiPP Buddies and the new range along with the chance to win some pouches…. Kids Takeover The team at HiPP Organic suggested that we have a kids takeover day, and it would be fair to say that they revelled in it! The kids took over for the day last week, making all of the normal decisions that I make. What do Read more >

The School Run Mums

It’s a funny old thing, the school run. With Boo now in Year 3, I’m into my fourth year of doing them, and to be honest, they felt like old-hat two weeks in, so nowadays they are very familiar ground. Of course, with Little Man recently starting in Reception, it’s added a new dimension to our mornings, but little’s really changed. Some new faces for me to get to know, and they are a lovely bunch. The thing that I have noticed most about these daily pick-ups is the level of camaraderie that they bring. It’s realising that some days, Read more >

Siblings December 2017

Ah, the excitement levels in our house right now! And we still have over a week left at school as my two break up on the 22nd. Christmas is such a special time, and of course children get excited by it all. With my two, as one is excited, then the other gets more excited, which makes the other more excited, and so it goes on. You’re picturing the noise and energy in my house now, aren’t you? I suspect it’s replicated in many households world over! Little Man performed in his nativity play last week, much to his big Read more >

Educational Fun with the Kids

Like many kids these days, my children love technology. They are growing up with it, it’s perfectly normal for them to use it and I suspect they will soon be surpassing me in finding their way around the latest gadgets. I’m pretty good, but I am from the generation that had one computer in primary school – oh, the excitement when it got wheeled into our classroom and it was our turn! Both Boo and Little Man are good at getting their homework done and enjoy  completing little projects and quizzes at home. They like it, but if I can Read more >

Siblings November 2017

Another month has rolled around! So what’s this last month brought to my pair of siblings? We’ve had half term, a welcome break and it was great to see the two of them enjoying each other’s company all week. It’s funny how quickly I’ve adjusted to not having my Little Man at home with me during the week, but that being said, I do love school holidays and having them both with me. The week went by way too quickly, where they crammed in an overnight trip to Legoland and the Roald Dahl museum, catching up with friends, colouring, crafts Read more >

10 80s Movies That Your Kids Must See!

10 Eighties Movies That Your Kids Must See!

We love our films here. We have a family movie night every weekend, and I’d say that our kids have watched a fair few classics as well as the more recent releases and a whole raft of Disney pictures. As children from the eighties, the Husband and I have a real soft spot for 80s movies, from Rocky to Ferris Bueller to the Breakfast Club to Ghostbusters to Top Gun to Rambo, they cannot be beaten, and yes I could go on listing so many more favourites for a long time! And then there’s all of the brilliant family films Read more >

Bassetts Vitamins Supporting Family Fun!

The summer is now a dim and distant memory. The darker days are drawing in and it’s definitely feeling chillier. The heating is on and it’s so tempting to just stay in and hibernate until the spring! I have always preferred summertime and the warmer months, and there’s no doubt that they are better for us as they get us out and about. With autumn here and winter drawing in, we do find ourselves indoors that little bit more. We do try to get out at the weekends as it’s important to get as much daylight and exercise as we Read more >

Little Man’s First Parents Evening

Last week we went along to parents evening at the kids’ school. I was really looking forward to meeting with Little Man’s teacher. He tells me very little about his days, but what has delighted me is how happy he has been to go every single day since he started. He never really took to nursery, and though he settled there over time, he’d always prefer to be home and there were still wobbles on drop offs all the way up to his last day there. That being the case, I was unsure how he would get on at school, Read more >

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