It’s The End Of An Era

Today marks the end of an era here. Today is mine and Little Man’s last day together, just the two of us whilst Boo’s at school. He’ll be off to his last day at nursery tomorrow, complete with a Leavers Assembly, and then after the summer he will start school. My baby. At school. Little Man and I have had three years at home together since Boo started school, and as he starts school two days after his fifth birthday, he’s been a constant around me for five years. He’s been going to nursery for two days a week since Read more >

Little Man waving on swing

SSE Wildcats training session

My Daughter Has Football Fever!

Yes, football fever has taken hold here! Last week Boo and I went along to our first SSE Wildcats session to find out what it was all about. SSE Wildcats sessions are for girls aged 5-11 years old to encourage them to get into football in a safe and fun environment. SSE firmly believe that everyone deserves the same opportunities regardless of gender and as the energy behind football they are looking to create opportunities at all levels of the game. They are proud supporters and as such are looking to spread the word about the Wildcats and encourage more Read more >

Siblings July 2017

My children are close. I always say that, I know, but it’s simply true. Yes, they have their moments when I have to play referee but these are pretty rare. Generally speaking they want each other first thing in the morning and play happily together all day when they get the chance to. Anything from board games to Playmobil and Lego to dressing up and making up their own stories to act out. I’m pretty certain that as long as I keep the food and drink coming, I am completely superfluous. This month has seen Little Man having his settling Read more >

Little Man’s School Induction

Last Monday we went along to Little Man’s parents induction meeting at school. We found out who is teacher will be, checked whether his friends will be with him, looked around his classroom and bought a variety of bags, bottles, kit and uniform. It appears that this is really happening. The good news is that he will be in the same class as his three closest friends from nursery. I think this will really help him settle in and makes the thought of school a lot more appealing to him knowing he can be with his mates all day. It’s Read more >

A Letter to My Daughter ’10 Things I Admire About You’

My daughter is now 7 years old. She’s already counting down and making plans for her eighth birthday, which isn’t until October. Fortunately, the gift request list is yet to materialise! She seems to be growing up so quickly, the days are just flying by as I see a beautiful little girl maturing and developing in front of my eyes. I am very proud of Boo. Yes, she drives me potty sometimes, but of course I absolutely adore her and wouldn’t want to change a single thing about her. As mums are entirely allowed to do, I can declare her perfect, Read more >

Siblings May 2017

Last month’s Siblings post was right in the middle of the school holidays. They absolutely flew by. They also marked the very first holiday that Boo did not want to return to school after, very unusual for her. It made me wonder whether there was a problem at school, but no, I simply think she had a fabulous break and wanted to stay at home and play with Little Man every day! They are the closest of friends. Yes, there’s the odd squabble over the TV remote (Little Man always wins), the flare ups over what to do next (Boo Read more >

An Interview with Little Man, Aged 4 Years Old

When Boo was 4, I was tagged to interview her and write a blog post sharing her answers here. So I thought that now my son is the same age, it would be nice to ask him the same questions and record them here to look back on… 1. What is something Mummy always says to you? No! 2. What makes Mummy happy? Books 3. What makes Mummy sad? Crying 4. How does Mummy make you laugh? Scares me and tickles me 5. What was your Mummy like as a child? Small 6. How old is your Mummy? Old 7. Read more >

Little Man Has His School Place

I found out this week that Little Man has his first choice school place, at the same school as Boo. I was a lot more relaxed waiting for the email this time round, knowing that his sister was already there helped. I remember lurking my emails like a crazy woman when it was Boo’s turn, whereas this time, it did feel like more of a formality. So this is it, it’s real. My baby boy will be off to school in just over four months time. Before then we’ll be off to a parents welcome evening which should give us Read more >

7 Jedi Mind Tricks To Get Your Teenage Sith Lord Out Of The House

Parents throughout the country, this is your call to arms. Detaching your beloved child from their tech is becoming a near impossibility. The fact they’re unable to talk to you in anything other than monosyllables (while apparently being able to hold a conversation with everyone else on the planet with an onslaught of tweets, hashtags, emoticons, emojis and decaying Snapchats), means it’s time to act. With recent figures showing that 28% of people between the ages of 2 and 15 are overweight, it really is time to get your offspring up and outside. Like most things about parenthood, it’s going Read more >

7 Jedi Mind Tricks To Get Your Teenage Sith Lord Out Of The House

Siblings March 2017

Another month has rolled by, so it’s time to take a look at my pair of siblings. This month they seem to be back to their energetic, buoyant selves. They are the very best of friends. They had a lovely half term together, lounging about in the mornings, playing and creating ‘shows’ for me to see, along with catching up with friends. Since Boo’s gone back to school, Little Man is quite content at home without her, but there’s no doubt that when she’s here, she is all he wants! They are often louder than I’d like, they often leave Read more >

When You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be Like You

I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I look at myself and the Husband and wonder how the kids will take after us. I wonder if either of them will love history (hope so!), I wonder which one of them will follow me and love scary movies (it’s looking like Little Man has a leaning towards the macabre), I wonder whether they’ll have a passion for reading (it’s looking good so far), I wonder whether they’ll have their dad’s flair for art (Boo’s got it) and I hope that they’ll follow in the Husband’s footsteps in sport and Read more >

Can We Call A Truce on the Competitiveness?

Can We Call A Truce on the Competitiveness?

I have been reading a couple of books recently about parenting and education, The Happiest Kids in the World: Bringing up Children the Dutch Way and The Year of Living Danishly. Both European cultures but both so very different from our own. One of the biggest things that struck me was the lack of competitiveness, both as parents and as school children. I do think that here in the UK there is a pressure on kids to perform well from a young age. Grades, SATs, measurements, tests, I accept that these are all a part of school life. I can do Read more >

5 Tips for GCSE Students

My younger nephew is now doing his GCSE’s. Like many parents, his have been invited into school to listen to the new structure, grading systems and also to hear ways in which they can offer support to their children. We have been chatting about it, so I thought it might be helpful to share what they’ve been told here, in 5 tips for GCSE students… OK, first up, this is something of a pre-GCSE tip. Choose the subjects that you enjoy. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing or the best timetable options (though I know these can restrict Read more >

Are We Ready?

My Little Man starts school this year. This year. How can that even be? When it was coming up to Boo starting school, I cried. A lot. I knew that she was ready for it, so that wasn’t a worry for me, it was more the feeling that she would no longer be all mine. That someone else would be teaching and showing her things. That I couldn’t be there all the time to protect her from anything life threw at her. That we could no longer do as we pleased, regardless of holidays and school runs. I wrote The Read more >

Siblings January 2017

OK, to sum the siblings up this month is easy – they absolutely adore each other! Having two weeks off over Christmas has meant that they are the very best of friends. We had a wonderful break and the kids were just revelling in being together 24/7. Boo’s return to school has meant that every afternoon they try to cram in about a day’s worth of play in the couple of hours they have together, and they give it a good go! They have yet to come down after Christmas and as we were keen to keep the fun times Read more >

Whose Homework is it Anyway?

Ah, the joys of homework. That playground chat stalwart for us parents, along with other firm favourites such as kids party etiquette, the bugs and germs going around, the merits of private tuition and desperately trying to help each other remember all that the children need to take in on any given day. You can be sure that these topics will come up most weeks! So back to homework. My daughter is 7 years old, in Year 2 at school. So of course, she gets homework. It seems from chatting to friends that the amount of homework that each school Read more >

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