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The Best Flooring For Your Child’s Bedroom

If you have children then you know that having carpet around the house, especially in their bedroom, can be a very dangerous game. Now, don’t get me wrong, carpet can be a great option for a child’s bedroom, it’s lovely and soft which is ideal if you have little ones tinkering about who are prone to taking a tumble! Carpet is also good for cushioning space, thus resulting in less noise – handy if your little ones like to stomp about like baby elephants. If you’re not sold on getting rid of the carpet, that’s fine, but what if I Read more >

What Does Your Bedroom Say About Your Personality?

What does your bedroom say about your personality? Is this something that you’ve thought about before? I do sometimes look around my home and wonder what it says about me, how it looks to others. Both the Husband and I are quite tidy, and neither of us are hoarders, so it’s relatively clutter-free and organised. I do like cosiness, so cushions, candles, lamps and lights are all over the place, but all in the right place, you understand?! The kitchen has as much clear worktop as I can create, with little on show. My desk space is clean and white, Read more >

5 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier

A few weeks ago we were sent a Vax Power Extract 20L Dehumidifier to test out. As we’d never had a dehumidifier before, I was keen to see how they worked and what difference they made. I did a little bit of searching about to find out what benefits it was likely to bring, so for those of you wondering the same, here are just a few things that they can do: Reduce allergies. Many of the most common allergy triggers, especially dust mites, mould, and mildew, thrive in humid environments. Preserve food and furnishings. With less moisture in the air, Read more >

5 Benefits of Using a Dehumidifier

Uncommon Gifts with UncommonGoods

I cannot be the only one who has those people in my life that are tricky to buy for? The ones who seemingly have everything and need nothing? So difficult to think up gift ideas for them, but perhaps help is at hand with UncommonGoods. UncommonGoods offers a range of unusual gifts, half of which are made by hand, and you can be sure that they are doing so mindful of the individuals and world around them, including donating $1 to charity with every purchase made. At the core of the company is a great respect for the integrity of Read more >

Different Ways to Add More Living Space to Your Home

The main reason why most people end up moving home is because they need more space. If you buy a home as a couple, there is a good chance that sooner or later children will come along and your one-bed flat will start to feel a bit cramped. The obvious solution in this instance is to upgrade to a two or three-bed family home, but what happens if your home is too small but you can’t afford to move? The next best solution to a lack of space is to look at ways of adding extra room. If you need more Read more >

10 Posters You’ll Love

We have chosen to freshen up our rooms with some new pictures, as we were able to choose from a gorgeous range of posters online along with chunky black frames for all of them. I am so very happy with them all and am convinced that you’ll love them, too! The first area that I was keen to give a new look was my little office area in our kitchen. I spend a lot of time sat there and I really wanted to make a feature wall of it as well as providing me with some motivation on the longer days. Read more >

Oreck Magnesium RS Vacuum Cleaner Review

We’ve received a new vacuum here, so have been putting it through its paces. We now have the Oreck Magnesium RS vacuum cleaner… I have to say, I had not heard of Oreck before. Apparently, they’re originally an American brand that pioneered more lightweight vacuums in the 1960’s. They were originally used by hotel staff and the like, but because they were much better to use than standard vacuums, the demand starting to increase for them to be sold to the public. As you can see, this is an upright vacuum cleaner, something I am not used to using as we Read more >

An Easy Way to Brighten Up A Room

I don’t know about you, but we don’t have much wallpaper in our house. We have the living room papered, but all of our other rooms and hallway are painted. I like the flexibility that this gives us with decorating as we can easily change the look and feel of a room repainting, which tends to be a relatively inexpensive option and quite fast to do. Well, a seemingly ever more popular option than that to give a room a fresh look is to go for wall stickers. I’ve been having a little browse, and I do like this one for Read more >

8 Quirky Kitchen Treats You’ll Love

Last year we gave our kitchen a makeover by having it all repainted and buying some new accessories. It feels a lot lighter and brighter in there and we enjoy spending time together in the kitchen. Last month we bought some new dinnerware, so this month I’m thinking about kitchen accessories to bring little dashes of fun to the room, so I’m sharing 8 quirky kitchen treats you’ll love. Hopping on over to Red Candy, they have a fabulous range available, for every room in the house, let alone the kitchen. These would be my top kitchen picks… First up, it’s one Read more >

8 Quirky Kitchen Treats You'll Love

Plans For The Home This Year

At the start of each year, I like to look around the home and plan little projects in to spruce it up and change things around. Last year’s plans were the kitchen makeover, freshening up the bathroom, we redecorated the hall, stairs and landing, got a new shed and re-landscaped the top of the garden and my daughter’s bedroom got a complete new look. So we did a fair bit looking back! In fact, as we redecorated the lounge, our room and Little Man’s bedroom the previous year, it means we’ve given pretty much every room in the house an overhaul recently. Which Read more >

I’m Loving…Flamingo Gifts

Earlier this year I brought you my top picks from Flamingo Gifts, including my gorgeous rack of milk bottles. They remain one of my favourite little touches in my newly decorated kitchen, so I was more than happy to work with the team again and select a few items to show off to you today. It took me a while to choose just a few things as they are a great store for gift ideas and as I was looking around, I was spotting things that would be perfect for so many people I need to buy for! In the Read more >

5 Things to Consider When Planning a Child’s Bedroom

Having given both of our children’s bedrooms makeovers over the past year, there’s a few key points which have struck me, things that I knew we needed to get right. So if you’re thinking of giving your kids rooms a new look, here are 5 things that are well worth considering… 1. Take the opportunity to try out different layouts with the furniture. It’s amazing how much you can really maximise the space with a little extra thought. When we did my daughter’s bedroom, it ended up feeling bigger and more spacious, yet we had managed to fit a lot Read more >

My Next Home…

Ah, to dream. We are happy in our home, but it’s always fun to daydream, right? I mean, if I could have anything, I’d want something like this…. But seeing as that’s a National Trust property (Baddesley Clinton), I’m thinking it might be a bit out of my grasp! So to be more realistic… If I could live anywhere, to be honest, I’d still choose the town we are in. Our family and friends are here and my girl is happily settled in her school. It’s a nice enough place, with plenty to do on the doorstep. But what about Read more >

Creating a Snuggly Living Room

During the summertime, I love having the doors ajar, tempting us out into the garden, the windows all open letting the fresh air breeze through, bringing in fresh flowers every few days from our cut-flower patch, and keeping the curtains open until late into the evening. The longer, warmer days make me want to stay up later, be outside, be more active. And then comes autumn. As soon as the colder, darker days draw in, I just want to hunker down and hibernate! So with the cooler nights most definitely on the way, I’ve been thinking about creating a cosy, snuggly living Read more >

A Bedroom Fit For A 5 year Old Girl

As I mentioned last week, we have given Boo’s bedroom a full makeover. I shared a couple of pictures over on Instagram, and as people were telling me they liked it, I thought I’d share a bit more here for you, along with the details of where we got everything from (mainly good old Ikea!) Boo’s had the same carpet in her room that we’d had from when we moved in ten years ago, along with furniture that we bought then, too. She helped us choose a new carpet last weekend, and her main specification was that it be soft! So we Read more >

Becoming an Allergenius

Last week we were invited along to find out more about common household allergies, with ao.com and Hotpoint. As a family, we do have our fair share of allergies, so I was keen to find out more. The Husband has hayfever with grass pollen, whilst I have it earlier in the year with tree pollen. We’re both allergic to cats, and more mildly to rabbits. Both of the kids had mild eczema when they were little, with Little Man’s still flaring up in the colder months. I wasn’t allergic to anything as a child, but have acquired these problems as an adult, Read more >

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