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Can Embracing Hygge Make You Happier?

Well, the Danes certainly think so. Having seen this book about Hygge all over the place in recent months, I was intrigued so it was at the top of my Christmas list…. Denmark is often said to be the happiest country in the world. That’s down to one thing: hygge. ‘Hygge has been translated as everything from the art of creating intimacy to cosiness of the soul to taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things. My personal favourite is cocoa by candlelight…’ I sat down to flick through it a couple of weeks ago and ended up reading it Read more >

Different Ways to Add More Living Space to Your Home

The main reason why most people end up moving home is because they need more space. If you buy a home as a couple, there is a good chance that sooner or later children will come along and your one-bed flat will start to feel a bit cramped. The obvious solution in this instance is to upgrade to a two or three-bed family home, but what happens if your home is too small but you can’t afford to move? The next best solution to a lack of space is to look at ways of adding extra room. If you need more Read more >

Sushi for Beginners with Yutaka

Have you tried sushi? Probably. But until now, we hadn’t, not one of us in our house. So when YUTAKA got in touch offering us the chance to give it a go, I jumped at it as I like us to try new things and I thought it would be fun to get the kids involved in making it. Leading UK-based Japanese food company YUTAKA, have all the ingredients, without all the additives, to make authentic and healthy sushi at home. OK, so first up, this is how you actually do it… How to Cook Sushi Rice (for 2) Put Read more >

Batavia Maxxheat: Electric Hot Air Gun Weed Killer Review

I have a new gadget and it’s a garden gadget, my favourite kind. May I introduce to you the Batavia Maxxheat: Electric Hot Air Gun Weed Killer… From Batavia this is a useful 3-in-1 combi-tool that can be used as a Weed Killer, a Hot Air Gun and a BBQ Lighter! The Maxxheat package includes a telescopic pole that is ideal when used as a weed killer. The pole can be easily removed for the other uses of the Multi Heater; the Hot Air Gun and BBQ Lighter. It does it all! Now for me, this is all about the Read more >

Life with Guinea Pigs

It’s been a little while since our furry friends featured here so I though an update on how we’re getting on with them would be useful… As you may know, we bought our guinea pigs during the summer holidays last year, and they are officially the kids pets. Boo has Jessie and Little Man has Leia. Ah yes, the kids pets. I clean them out, play with them, cuddle them and feed them twice a day. So as I suspected when I wrote my 5 Things to Consider Before Getting Guinea Pigs post, they really are all my responsibility. I Read more >

An Easy Way to Brighten Up A Room

I don’t know about you, but we don’t have much wallpaper in our house. We have the living room papered, but all of our other rooms and hallway are painted. I like the flexibility that this gives us with decorating as we can easily change the look and feel of a room repainting, which tends to be a relatively inexpensive option and quite fast to do. Well, a seemingly ever more popular option than that to give a room a fresh look is to go for wall stickers. I’ve been having a little browse, and I do like this one for Read more >

I’m Loving…My Furry Balls!

Yes, that’s what I said. Now I should point out here that initially the balls are not furry, just very scratchy, but then the fur comes… I’m thinking I should probably explain! As you may know, we have two guinea pigs here. Our little piggies live inside with us, and as such, their cage is fleece lined and all of their ‘furniture’ is also fleece. Here’s a little look at some of their bedding and furniture so that you get the idea… They have a good old variety of fleeces, from shelves, to snuggle sacks and they now even have a Read more >

8 Quirky Kitchen Treats You'll Love

8 Quirky Kitchen Treats You’ll Love

Last year we gave our kitchen a makeover by having it all repainted and buying some new accessories. It feels a lot lighter and brighter in there and we enjoy spending time together in the kitchen. Last month we bought some new dinnerware, so this month I’m thinking about kitchen accessories to bring little dashes of fun to the room, so I’m sharing 8 quirky kitchen treats you’ll love. Hopping on over to Red Candy, they have a fabulous range available, for every room in the house, let alone the kitchen. These would be my top kitchen picks… First up, it’s one Read more >

Strawberry, Apple and Chocolate Crumble

I have long been a fan of crumbles, yet I rarely make them myself. My mum used to make them all the time for my brother and I, so we’ll still eat the odd one there every now and again, but I don’t think to do them at home. It’s probably because the Husband doesn’t like them, so I don’t want to spend time cooking something that one of us won’t eat. But now I have found a super fast and easy recipe that is just so tasty, meaning I can have my crumble fix whenever I want it! This Read more >

Plans For The Home This Year

At the start of each year, I like to look around the home and plan little projects in to spruce it up and change things around. Last year’s plans were the kitchen makeover, freshening up the bathroom, we redecorated the hall, stairs and landing, got a new shed and re-landscaped the top of the garden and my daughter’s bedroom got a complete new look. So we did a fair bit looking back! In fact, as we redecorated the lounge, our room and Little Man’s bedroom the previous year, it means we’ve given pretty much every room in the house an overhaul recently. Which Read more >

Five Under £5 For January

Whilst I was having an early morning scroll through Instagram over the weekend, I spotted Julia’s #fiveunder5 series and promptly fell in love! Every month she shares five things she’s found, each for under £5, for a little fun and inspiration and invites others to do the same, and so here I am. This month my five items are a mix of home, beauty and books…   Yankee Candle Tealights: Christmas Memories These were £3.49 in the sale at Clintons, as they’re Christmassy scents. I bought another couple of packs, too, Candy Canes and Christmas Cookie. I love Yankee Candles, Read more >

Red Candy Gifts

I brought Red Candy to you earlier this year, by way of my top picks with them. I spent a lot of time browsing their website and there were so many items that tempted me. So when they got in touch with me recently, it was not easy selecting just a few products to share with you today. Red Candy are great at offering funky homeware and gift ideas, so I had a little think about things that I wanted around the home and set about choosing… I love having photos of the kids dotted around, so when I spotted Read more >

Our Guinea Pig Cage Set Up

Update! Please note, since they have grown, they now have a new cage, which you can check out in The Guinea Pigs Have A New Home! As you know, we have guinea pigs here, Jessie and Leia. They’ve been with us since August, and we are enjoying having them in our family. When we initially got them, we bought them a big two tier hutch and they lived out on our decked area, underneath the kitchen window. Well, that lasted for about three weeks! We wanted them inside with us, so they live in our playroom in a big cage, meaning Read more >

Shh…Don’t Tell The Guinea Pigs

OK, I’m trusting you not to share. It would ruin the surprise. You may have spotted over on my Facebook page that over the weekend we went to the National Pet Show at the NEC. We were looking forward to seeing all of the animals there, watching the show jumping rabbits…in fact, before I go any further with my tale, I’ll show you a rabbit in action… Yes, go, rabbit, go! Anyway, back to the story, we were also going to choose our guinea pigs their Christmas presents. Now, the Husband said that as they’re guinea pigs, they have no idea Read more >

5 Things to Consider When Planning a Child’s Bedroom

Having given both of our children’s bedrooms makeovers over the past year, there’s a few key points which have struck me, things that I knew we needed to get right. So if you’re thinking of giving your kids rooms a new look, here are 5 things that are well worth considering… 1. Take the opportunity to try out different layouts with the furniture. It’s amazing how much you can really maximise the space with a little extra thought. When we did my daughter’s bedroom, it ended up feeling bigger and more spacious, yet we had managed to fit a lot Read more >

My Next Home…

Ah, to dream. We are happy in our home, but it’s always fun to daydream, right? I mean, if I could have anything, I’d want something like this…. But seeing as that’s a National Trust property (Baddesley Clinton), I’m thinking it might be a bit out of my grasp! So to be more realistic… If I could live anywhere, to be honest, I’d still choose the town we are in. Our family and friends are here and my girl is happily settled in her school. It’s a nice enough place, with plenty to do on the doorstep. But what about Read more >

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