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What To Write To Your Pen Pal

Last month I ran a pen pal sign up here (I may well run more as it was very popular!) and I also regularly share snail mail tips and also Where to Find Pen Pals. So let’s assume that you are now all set and have a pen pal to write to. But the question is, what to write? Well, the first tip here is to be yourself. Just as when you meet a person face to face, be real as it’s the best way for a friendship to form. These are real friendships, as anyone who has been pen Read more >

What to write to your pen pal

Book Swap April 2017

Bring Back Paper Book Swap April 2017

Oh, I do love a Bring Back Paper book swap! Reading remains my favourite pastime, making this my favourite swap, and I love the thought of an unknown book turning up one day. The idea behind the book swap is nice and simple and easy to get involved with. It’s open to absolutely anyone aged over 18, worldwide. The idea is to send a pre-loved fiction book out into the world for someone else to enjoy, and for the recipient to be reading something that they may not have chosen themselves. It’s a fun way to discover new authors and Read more >

Brilliant Books for Young Boys

With my son starting school this September, I’ve started to build up a fun chapter book collection for him as he starts to learn to read. I am passionate about encouraging a love of reading in my children and arguably more so with my youngest than my daughter. She devoured books from birth, whereas my son has to be in the mood to pick up books during the day. He loves his bedtime stories every evening and we have recently started reading him chapter books, and it’s great to see how excited he is by them. I am very aware that Read more >

Brilliant Books for Young Boys

Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening

Using a Bullet Journal for Gardening

Spring is finally here and as such, my thoughts are turning to my garden and I am itching to get going out there. Over the past couple of years I have kept a garden journal as a means to track what’s happening out there and capture any plans, but this year it makes more sense to me to incorporate this into my bullet journal as that’s where I keep everything else these days, so I’ve been thinking about how I can be using my bullet journal for gardening. I have always included a small section about the garden in my Read more >

Papergang Review & Giveaway

Today I am happy to be talking stationery with you. The lovely folks over at Papergang have sent me their monthly stationery subscription box. Papergang is from the team at Ohh Deer and all products are guaranteed to be different every month and most will be included in the box prior to being available at Ohh Deer. The box is currently priced at £9.95 a month + shipping. The Papergang is Ohh Deer’s way of expressing a deep rooted obsession with papery goodness. We can all relate, I’m sure. So onto this month’s box, their 1st birthday box as Papergang Read more >

Papergang Box Content

5 Reasons to Keep a Journal in your Family Life

5 Reasons To Keep A Journal In Your Family Life

Today I am delighted to be bringing you a guest post from the lovely folks over at Say Nice Things Stationery… We humans have always kept written accounts of our everyday lives. Whether carved into tablets (the stone kind!), decorated on cave walls or painted onto parchment, we’ve always found a way to reflect and record events for the benefit of ourselves and others. More recently however, as the digital world begins to take over almost every aspect of our lives it’s easy to view the written word as out of date and old fashioned in an age of pixels, Read more >

The Pen Pal Sign-Up

When I talk about snail mail, here and over on YouTube, I often get people asking me about pen pals. So last week I shared Where to Find Pen Pals, and this month I thought I’d try to help out by putting some of you in touch with pen pals. This is a bit different to the stationery and book swaps that I run throughout the year, as hopefully it’s a chance to develop ongoing friendships via happy mail. How Will It Work? If you’d like to get a pen pal, send over the details to me that I’m requesting Read more >

Where to Find Pen Pals

As I write quite often here about sending snail mail, and I talk about it over on Instagram and YouTube regularly, I am often getting asked where to find pen pals. So today I thought it would be a useful post to share a few places to connect. I adore putting pen to paper and writing a letter. There’s something so relaxing about it, and you do connect with people all over the country, or even all over the world. Then there’s that lovely feeling when you spy a handwritten missive in your pile of junk mail, and you just Read more >

52 Bullet Journal Collections Ideas….Just Because!

If you stop by here regularly, you’ll know that I wouldn’t be without my bullet journal. It helps me to stay organised, be more productive and reflect back over my day and month in a way that makes me appreciate the little things. I do love it. So today I thought I’d share how I set mine up, along with some inspiration around bullet journal collections. Bullet Journal Set Up My bullet journal is set up really simply, with just a few monthly spreads at the beginning of each month, and then my daily to do lists and collections as Read more >

52 Bullet Journal Collection Ideas...Just Because!

12 Reasons to Pick up a Book Right Now

12 Reasons To Pick Up a Book Right Now

I am passionate about reading. I am passionate about its value, its entertainment factor and in passing my love of books onto my children, as well as inspiring others to do so. So today I am sharing with you 12 reasons to pick up a book right now… To reduce stress. A 2009 study by Sussex University researchers showed that reading may reduce stress by as much as 68 percent, even six minutes can be enough to reduce stress levels by more than two thirds. To entertain. And the bonus? There are few hobbies cheaper than reading. Books are inexpensive Read more >

Stationery Swap February 2017

Yes, it’s time for another #BringBackPaper stationery swap! For all of you stationery addicts out there, this is a chance to spread a little happiness and receive a pretty parcel guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I love snail mail!!   It’s simple enough to get involved. Just pop a bundle of stationery bits and bobs together, and send them out into the world to your swap partner so that they have received them by the end of February. You can include whatever you fancy, such as notepaper, jotters, stickers, pens, washi, postcards – whatever suits you. We’re not talking Read more >

Stationery Swap

5 Books Guaranteed to Inspire You

5 Books Guaranteed to Inspire You

Yes, today is a bookish post, as I share 5 books guaranteed to inspire you. I have been reading quite a lot this month, which always makes for a happy month for me. If you saw my To Be Read Pile video last week, you’ll know that I got plenty of books for Christmas and I have then since being buying more, and I’ve a vlog up this afternoon sharing my mailbox delights this month, including books, of course! As well as reading a fair smattering of fiction, I have found myself reading several non-fiction books this month, inspirational reads. Read more >

Getting Started with Brush Lettering

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the Husband has decided to take up a new papery hobby, brush lettering. He’s always enjoyed typography, fonts, designing colour combinations, hand lettering and so on, so this does seem like a natural choice for him. For me, I admire it but I’m not a neat writer at the best of times so am not drawn to this one, though I have to say watching him practice and create does tempt me to have a go myself. Maybe when he’s out I’ll sneak a try! Anyway, if you fancy giving this a Read more >

Getting Started with Brush Lettering

How to Use a Bullet Journal to Improve Your Health

Ah, the wonders of my bullet journal. Yes, I am now using it to help me get healthier as well as more productive and organised – if you don’t know what I am going on about, do check out my Getting Started with a Bullet Journal guide. I’ve been adding some new collections and spreads to it this month to support me in improving my health and fitness, so I thought it might be useful to share them here. At the moment, I already track my daily water intake and keep a food diary within my bullet journal, I do Read more >

5 Papery Hobbies to Enjoy

As regular readers will know, I run my #BringBackPaper series here hoping to inspire and get more paper enjoyed, more letter writing taking place, more happy post being sent, more books shared around, more news on beautiful products, and simply more indulgence in pretty papery goods. Books and stationery are my go-to pick me up treats. I’m always going to enjoy starting a shiny new notebook, settling down to write a few letters, covering envelopes in washi tape, or my first papery love and firm favourite, curling up with a good book. These things make me happy. They also help Read more >

Papery Peep December 2016

Welcome to the final Papery Peep of 2016 and the final time that I’ll be opening this up as a linky. Yes, I’ve decided that my Papery Peep posts will continue to feature next year, but not necessarily at the end of every month, more now and again when I have something I’m eager to share, and so the linky part will need to go. Thanks for those of you that have joined in, and do please continue to share any papery posts with me – just tweet them to me or use the #bringbackpaper hash tag on Instagram and Read more >

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