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12 Reasons To Pick Up a Book Right Now

I am passionate about reading. I am passionate about its value, its entertainment factor and in passing my love of books onto my children, as well as inspiring others to do so. So today I am sharing with you 12 reasons to pick up a book right now… To reduce stress. A 2009 study by Sussex University researchers showed that reading may reduce stress by as much as 68 percent, even six minutes can be enough to reduce stress levels by more than two thirds. To entertain. And the bonus? There are few hobbies cheaper than reading. Books are inexpensive Read more >

12 Reasons to Pick up a Book Right Now

5 Books Guaranteed to Inspire You

5 Books Guaranteed to Inspire You

Yes, today is a bookish post, as I share 5 books guaranteed to inspire you. I have been reading quite a lot this month, which always makes for a happy month for me. If you saw my To Be Read Pile video last week, you’ll know that I got plenty of books for Christmas and I have then since being buying more, and I’ve a vlog up this afternoon sharing my mailbox delights this month, including books, of course! As well as reading a fair smattering of fiction, I have found myself reading several non-fiction books this month, inspirational reads. Read more >

Superb Books for 7 Year Olds

Early last year I wrote Brilliant Books for 5 Year Olds Girls, where I shared some of my daughter’s favourite books and recommended reads. Well, my girl has now turned 7, so today I thought I’d take you through some superb books for 7 year olds. Firstly, I would point you in the direction of that first post, as many of those books, particularly the non-fiction reads, are still being very much enjoyed here. In addition to those, my little bookworm has now moved on to enjoying these series…. Fiction Harry Potter by JK Rowling. It kind of goes without Read more >

Book Recommendations for Autumn

As the colder months draw in, it’s got to be the perfect time to snuggle down with a good book and a cuppa. With that in mind, I thought that today I’d have a nosy through my book journal and share with you some of my favourite reads from the past year or so. They’re an eclectic bunch of books, so I’m hoping there’s something for everybody here, though I have to say, I didn’t design it to be quite such a mix of genres, it just fell that way as I looked back on the books that I’ve loved Read more >

Books That I Need

Now, the Husband would tell you that I don’t need any more books for the foreseeable future. He’s completely wrong, of course. Yes, I have a to-be-read pile of around 20 books at the moment sitting on my shelves, but really that’s only a couple of really good months of reading and then where will I be? I like to have plenty to choose from every time that I finish a book, a mini-library to select from, if you will. Every bookworm knows that you can literally never have too many books and that it doesn’t matter how high your Read more >

Papery Peep September 2016

For this month’s Papery Peep, I’ve decided to share a little washi tape love with you. Now if washi tape is an unknown to you, you are in for a treat because it is so pretty! Here’s a peep at my collection…. Washi tape is very versatile, so if you’re looking for inspiration on how to use yours, I’d recommend checking out my Pinterest Washi Tape board – so many gorgeous ideas! Personally, I use mine for two things, my bullet journal and my snail mail. If you take a look at my Envelope Art for the Unartistic post, you’ll see how Read more >

Win Walker Books!

The children have been lucky enough to receive a bundle of gorgeous books from Walker Books so today I’ll introduce them to you along with giving one of you the chance to win all of them! Little Adventurers: Leafy the Pet Leaf  From the award-winning Philip Ardagh, and rising illustration talent Elissa Elwick, comes a brand-new picture book series! Meet the Little Adventurers – Finnegan, Sprat, Floss and Peanut. Each week they meet in their top-secret shed HQ, ready to share their fun with you! This week, Sprat can’t seem to find his cat, Shadow, anywhere. And he absolutely has Read more >

Back to School with Letts

Are you ready for the new school year to start? With school uniforms and shoes to fit and new routines to think about, finding the time to choose the best books to buy may not always be a priority. There are lots of great books to choose from and Letts has some engaging and motivating learning books to help your child get back into a learning frame of mind. All of their books support the national curriculum so that you know they are reinforcing what your child is being taught at school. Now I have two very different kids here, Read more >

Great Pre-School Books from Salariya

Little Man has been lucky enough to receive a few books from the Salariya book company, so today I’ll introduce them to you along with giving one of you the chance to win all three of them… He has received: Mixed-Up Robots This spiral-bound flip-book lets children have hours of fun assembling a variety of outlandish robots from everyday items like laptops and musical instruments to make them look the way they want. The robots can be mixed and matched into 32,768 different combinations, so the possibilities are enormous – there could be a robot with a typewriter for a Read more >

Fun & Educational Children’s Books

Boo’s been very happy to receive a few books from the Salariya book company, so today I want to share a little about them with you, along with giving one of you the chance to win all three of them… She has received: You Wouldn’t Want To Be A Victorian Servant! by Fiona MacDonald Get ready… as a 12-year-old girl living in Britain in the 1880s, you are about to start work for a wealthy family. You will be busy all day long as a Victorian servant. This title can be used as a background approach to wider issues in Read more >

Papery Peep June 2016

Hello and welcome to this month’s Papery Peep. This month is a birthday special, as I have received and bought a fair bit of stationery and books this month that I thought I’d share with you today. First up, I received a fabulous personalised National Book Token and I love that they can be personalised now! So I had to spend that, along with some birthday money, so here’s a glimpse of my book bounty… I’ve vlogged more about my new books this month today, so the link’s in my sidebar there if you fancy finding out more about the Read more >

Win a Star Wars Mini-Build Book!

As we are a household that loves Star Wars, it only seems right that we give the gift of Star Wars on Father’s Day, right? We have received a Star Wars: Battle Stations: Activity Book and Model to show you and share with you today, and we’ll then be presenting Daddy with the Star Wars: Smuggler’s Starship: Activity Book and Model this morning, along with offering you guys the chance to win one of them, so do read on! Star Wars: Battle Stations: Activity Book and Model Relive the greatest battles from the Star Wars original trilogy! Join the rebels Read more >

Bring Back Paper Book Swap! June 2016

Hooray, it is book swap time! I always love a book swap and I’ve had a few people asking for another one, so here we are! If you’re new to Bring Back Paper, you can find out more about it all here. The idea of the book swap is to send a pre-loved fiction book out into the world for someone else to enjoy, and for the recipient to be reading something that they may not have chosen themselves. It’s a fun way to discover new authors and a really lovely item of surprise happy mail to receive. To join Read more >

Bring Back Paper Book Swap June 2016

10 Beautiful Instagram Accounts for Bookworms

Instagram is a beautiful place to be, and never more so for me than when I am gazing at books. Whether they be book stores, what people are currently reading, bookshelves, to be read piles, they are all going to lure me in and make me happy. Now there is a part of me that feels that this post should carry a warning for the book lovers amongst us, as once you click and follow these guys, you’ll just want to keep on scrolling and scrolling through their feeds – hours could be lost, hours that could be spent reading! Read more >

Mr Men Birthday Party

We love the Mr Men here. I have very fond memories myself of reading the books when I was little, and before the kids were even born I had the complete Mr Men library. Since then, we’ve added to it when new releases have come along, so today I’m happy to be sharing with you the details on the latest Mr Men books… Mr Men Birthday Party It’s Mr Silly’s birthday and Little Miss Helpful is organising his birthday party, but unfortunately Little Miss Helpful isn’t as helpful as she sounds. Somehow or other things never quite turn out as Read more >

Bring Back Paper on Instagram

It is already May! How?! So with a new month, comes a new Bring Back Paper activity, and this month it is a pretty one and an easy one for us all to get involved with. The #BringBackPaper hash tag has been around for a while now and I love seeing people using it. It celebrates those papery, often ordinary, moments in our days, in our lives. For this month, I’d really love to get the word out about it and have more and more people using it and sharing their papery snaps with our #BringBackPaper community. So it’s a chance Read more >

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