A Bubbly Moment

You know that half hour before school pick up time, or pre-school pick up time, in my case? I don’t know about you, but I find it either drags as I’m clock watching and loathe to start anything new, or it flies as I’m dashing around somewhere desperate to make it there on time!

One day last week, it was the former. Little Man and I had just finished playing a game together, but we still had around 10 minutes to kill before getting ready to go out. Instead of just drifting into the playroom for a bit of free-play (it would have involved him grabbing various things and throwing them everywhere, whilst I trailed round after him, I’ve no doubt!) I decided to make the 10 minutes count.

I got the bubbles out. Simple!

Bubbles fun

He loves the machine, and shouts ‘bubbles’ repeatedly at it! Turning it on and off and having them all hit him is clearly part of the attraction, too! He giggled and got covered, and it was lovely to carve out a little moment of fun with such an easy thing to do. Surely everyone loves bubbles?!

Safety point! – We tend to operate an outside only rule with these, largely because I worry about them making the floor dangerously slippery, but I had my trusty steam mop handy, ready to make the floor safe again! I also took his socks off and held his hand as soon as he was up – it was really slippery! No dogs were hurt in the making of this – Harry did not slip πŸ˜‰

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