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My word of the week this week is:


Last weekend saw us kick off festivities with not one, but two visits to see Santa. Needless to say, the children were full of excited expectations, and since their meetings, they now have very clear gift expectations!

Speaking of the visits, our first was to the now infamous The Magical Journey. To say that expectations about this event were high is something of an understatement and to say that expectations weren’t met hardly covers it! It’s been all over the news this week, and as such, it’s also ended up being my highest viewed blog post and I had the BBC and Have I Got News For You contact me about it, so not an average week for me! To be fair, as you’ll see in my blog post there, Little Man and Boo were perfectly happy with it, which is what matters most to me.

And then there has been the expectations all week that I have about today. We’re having new windows fitted all over the house today. I’m looking forward to the added warmth, the improved sound-proofing and how they’ll look. I’ve also been planning what I need to take with me out of the house as we’re kind of banished from here for the day, what with the drafts and the noise, it’s not a great place for Little Man to be.

So yes, expectations and anticipation all round!

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Little Me, Little You

I loved Christmas when I was a child, and I still do. I get excited for the children, as I know how much I enjoyed it when I was little. So much of our Christmas is reminiscent of my own childhood, crammed full of traditions, as well as the Husband and I developing our own traditions with our own family. When I look back, way back when, Christmas memories come flooding back to me. Things like buying the tree and then struggling to fit in the car with us in there, bits of tree wrapped round our heads! Then there was decorating the tree, whilst singing loudly to Mistletoe and Wine, followed by making mince pies and then swiftly eating as many as we could. I loved lying in bed, looking out of of my bedroom window on Christmas Eve desperately hoping to spy that sleigh. There was my brother coming into my room and waking me up at 4am as he knew we wouldn’t be allowed up then, but he couldn’t sleep with excitement, so thought to share that with me. Thanks. And then there was the opening of the toys…

christmas as kids

I also then photographed all of my presents each year. I liked to arrange them nicely, sometimes I also listed them all, and then took a snap. Of course, my brother mocked me for this, but I quite like that I now have a few toy bundles preserved in this way!

So have things changed much 30 years on? Well, the traditions continue, and toy-wise this year, Little Man and Boo, amongst other bits and bobs, will be getting some Lego, a scooter, a tablet and these goodies from House of Fraser….

house of fraser toys

Now, there was no way we received tablets for Christmas when I was little, but then we did get a computer and I can still vividly remember our excitement at that one, and playing with it on the most antiquated television ever! We got Lego most years, and I recall the many, many happy hours that my brother and I spent building and creating. We had bikes rather than scooters back then. I’m sure they were about, but they weren’t the huge deal that they are now. I remember my brother’s red BMX, with yellow wheels – he loved it so much. I wasn’t so keen as he had those spokey dokeys on them (we were so 80’s!) and the noise was just relentless through the summer as he’d go round and round and round the garden on that bike, whilst I, of course, was just trying to read in peace!

And then to the gifts in the photo there. Well, they certainly weren’t about when we were kids, but are they really so different to what we had back then? Little Man has a Switch&Go Dinosaur, which reminds me of the Transformers that my brother used to have, and I know the Husband loved those, too. And dinosaurs always make me think of my now grown-up nephew as he’d no doubt have had one of these when he was little, as he wanted everything dinosaur! Now Boo’s been going on about these Pinypons for a while now, and I do like the look of this play-set, especially as it folds up into a carry-case which is always handy for taking out and about when we visit family. Anything like this is just a little haven for imaginative play. From Sylvanian Families, to Happyland, to my good old Sindy dollhouse, it’ll all play a similar role in our childhoods, I think. So, no, I don’t think things have changed that much. Sure, the technology’s come on, but the concepts and fun remain the same.

Christmas in my home was about me and my brother having a magical time. I hope to be able to create similar memories for my two.

What were your favourite Christmas presents when you were little?

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration with House of Fraser, though all words and opinions remain my own.

Christmas at Cadbury World

We went along at the weekend to Cadbury World‘s Christmas Celebration. We didn’t really know what to expect, but were wanting to visit as it’s somewhere we keep saying we must go to. We live in Birmingham, yet have never quite got round to visiting, despite the face that I live in a household of chocolate addicts! It’s actually the Husband that’s been most keen to go, and rest assured, the visit did live up to his expectations…..

So what’s it all about then? Well, in addition to the normal offerings on a Cadbury World visit, which I’ll share with you in just a moment, they’ve added some festivities to the trip. On entering, you’re greeted with what must surely be the best-looking Christmas tree ever?! Sadly, it’s not real!

Cadbury World Christmas tree

Then we went off and visited with Santa in his little hut, where the children had a chat with him, told him what they’ll be wanting!, and received a lovely cuddly bear each. The Santa meet and free gift is part of the Christmas Celebrations Weekends, and my two enjoyed it. Little Man also loved meeting the Chuckle Beans (still clutching that bear, you’ll see!)

Cadbury World Christmas little man and the chuckle beans

Boo never wants to go near people dressed up like this when she can’t see they’re just people, whereas Little Man absolutely loves it! Things like this really make his day, and he was very reluctant to say goodbye to them, and ensured they both had high fives before he left!

We took in the pantomime of Snow White and the Chuckle Beans, which we all enjoyed. On for half an hour, it was long enough to get us all involved and booing and cheering along with the cast, and not too long that Little Man’s attention started to wonder. It’s funny, well-acted and did get us feeling Christmassy. The Twelve Days of Christmas song is great and proper panto fare. Boo adored it all, and we were offered the very special privilege of a photo with the cast, which she jumped at, of course (note she has her bear, too!)


Then on to the parts of the day that are all here all year round. The Bournville Experience shares with us some of the history of Cadbury World, along with a lovely model of Bournville village and the factory, mock shop frontages and interactive screens…

the bournville experience

We went along to the 4D Chocolate Adventure…

Cadbury World Christmas 4D

Now this promised to be fun, though I know I can’t ever do things like this as my motion sickness kicks in immediately, so I sat on a static chair, without the glasses! The kids were excited, but as soon as the chairs started moving (and they do move a fair bit!) and things started flying out of the screen at them, they were both in tears, poor things! So, I whisked them out of there and left the Husband to enjoy it, and he tells me it was very good! Just outside there are interactive screens and games, so the children were quite happy playing there whilst we waited for the film to finish.

We enjoyed the main tour itself. I’m not really sure what I’d expected, but it was much more to see and do than I’d imagined. I thought it would be more dry than it actually was. At 5 and 2, I’d say my pair are a little too young to really understand and make the most of the main tour. They enjoyed it, loved tasting the chocolate (oh yes, there’s fresh chocolate tasting!), and were happy with freebie chocolate bars you’re handed out as you go around, too! But there’s also information about how Cadbury’s came to be, which I found really interesting, and the chocolate-making process, and I’m sure all of that went totally over their heads.

cadbury world tour

We ended our trip with a ride on Cadabra. Clearly aimed at children, as it’s a gentle carriage ride through Beanville, with little cocoa beans waving and playing, I absolutely adored it! It was so sweet and such a lovely way to round off our trip. I want to just go on it again! We couldn’t take photos on that, but here’s a much prettier family showing it off to you!

Cadabra in Cadbury World

Oh, and I also received this rather fabulous little gift, too. I kind of want to keep it to commemorate our lovely day out, but then that would surely be a waste, right?!

cadburys chocolate

Cadbury World’s Christmas Celebrations Weekends are running every weekend from 22nd November, right up until Christmas, and advance booking is recommended. We really enjoyed our time there, and do allow a few hours for a visit. There is a cafe, and I noticed that the prices were reasonable and comparable to pub meal prices, which I thought good for an attraction such as this where you’re sort of captive! They do have festive food on offer now, too. There’s also a lovely outdoor play area that the kids kept spying, but it was all wet when we went – if it’s dry, children will love it! Oh, and who knows how long you’ll spend in the huge chocolate shop!

What do you think? Fancy a chocolatey day out?

Disclosure: We received entry to Cadbury World FOC for the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions remain my own.

What's Happened? What's Happening?

Papery Peep November – A Smiggle Special!

It’s that time again already when I ask you to come take a Papery Peep with me, and I invite you to share any papery loveliness yourselves by linking up.

This has been a lovely month for paper here, as I’ve been getting through quite a few books, catching up with my snail mail, I’m loving the #30DaysOfPaper I’m running over on Instagram and I had an invitation to a new stationery shop opening – eek! To say I was excited was an understatement, of course, and even more so because I decided to take Boo and make this a little evening girlie trip. We rarely go out, just the two of us, and never at night! She was excited by all of the Christmas lights she saw en route, and then absolutely loved the shop itself! So, let me share with you our Smiggle outing……

A Little Smiggle Info:
Smiggle, the world’s hottest stationery brand, was born in 2003. The ultimate creators of colourful, fun, fashion-forward stationery. The first Smiggle store opened in Melbourne, Australia and word spread fast about the bright pens, notebooks and gadgets that filled a tiny, but very special place. The concept took off and the company soon hit 20 stores, where it caught the eye of the Just Group – Australasia’s most exciting fashion & apparel retailer. Smiggle joined the Just Group in August 2007 and has not looked back since! In 2008 Smiggle jumped the seas and opened its first international store in New Zealand. In 2011 Smiggle expanded into Singapore, and in 2014 Smiggle opened its doors in the UK! It’s all part of the grand plan to be the world’s most exciting and famous stationery brand.

We went along to the launch of the new Bull Ring, Birmingham store. I’d seen a Smiggle before, a few months ago in Leicester, and loved it there, so knew what to expect and that Boo would be very happy there, too. Their stores are light and bright, with stacks of bold and funky colours, with something you just want to grab and explore within an arm’s reach all the way round! They stock a huge range of stationery, primarily aimed at the kids market, but let’s be honest, I adored it, too. From scented pencils to cute little satchels, from games to key rings, it kinda has it all!

Smiggle Bull Ring7

Smiggle Bull Ring2

Smiggle Bull Ring

smiggle scribble

Smiggle Bull Ring5

Smiggle Bull Ring4

Smiggle Bull Ring6

photo 5 (66)

Boo was basically filling up her basket all the way round! I had to negotiate a few things back out, and I managed to sneakily buy a few things while she was distracted so have put some things away for her for Christmas, too. Here’s what she went for, and is delighted with…

Smiggle Boo's purchases

That pinartstar is hugely popular here. Both kids can often be found with it in their hands!

I had these scented gel pens, which are just fabulous. Obviously, I’ve already been writing with them and they write so well, and just look at the array of colours, from pastels to glittery…

Smiggle Scented Gel Pens

And my favourite gift? I now have the perfect advent calendar for me!

Smiggle  Advent Calendar

The rest of the family will have chocolate treats each day, whereas I will have stationery- hooray!

So yes, it’d be fair to say Boo and I are Smiggle fans!

They’ve now got 16 stores in the UK, with 2 more opening this year, and with plans to have 200 nationwide next year, there’s bound to be a Smiggle near you soon! What do you think of Smiggle?

So now it’s time for you to share any papery posts with me, too. Link up any paper-loving post, whether it be books, snail mail, stationery – whatever goes! Just grab my #BringBackPaper badge in the sidebar there, link up below and pop round and visit others, too:

Linky closes Tuesday 2nd December.

Disclosure: We received some of the stationery items FOC (though also purchased a fair few!) and all words and opinions remain my own.

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15 Top Tips From Bloggers For Bloggers

I’ve been pulling together some of the best blogging tips from my series, The Blog Lowdown, over the last few weeks, and today sees the final instalment….

15 top tips from bloggers for bloggers

1. If you have ideas for posts but no time, write titles and draft them! (More Than Just A Mummy)

2. Get a schedule and stick to it! Commit to a few linkys and get into a routine….I have a feeling this will happen for me once the girls hit uni!
In spare moments (what?!) write a couple of posts which you can keep in reserve so you have something to go when you’re away or too busy. (MumaLeary)

3. If you want to blog regularly, make a schedule to blog by – For example, I join in with Living Arrows on a Monday, have my Baby Led Weaning series guest post on a Tuesday and The Ordinary Moments on a Sunday. On top of this I do at least three reviews a week and at least two posts about our lives a week. As I do them I tick them off. (Redhead Babyled)

4. Use tools to help you blog more efficiently – I use Hootsuite to schedule tweets to promote my blog posts and it can also be used to automatically publish posts to Facebook, Google+ and anywhere else you like – This all saves so much time. (Redhead Babyled)

5. Use an anti spam plug-in. I use Askimet on both of my wordpress blogs and I wouldn’t be without it because it saves me tons of time! (Virtually All Sorts)

6. Get to know your plug-ins – In combination they save me so much time and make my life easier. (YouBabyMeMummy)

7. As soon as you know blogging is for you, go self-hosted. I wish I’d done this at the start, it’s not as hard or scary as I first thought and there are lots of tutorials to help. (Mama, You Talk?)

8. Ask for help if you need advice-there are plenty of bloggers out there who are very generous with their time and knowledge. Be as generous as you can. (Redpeffer)

9. Share the love – retweet on twitter, share links to linkys, spread the word. I find that the blogging community as a whole has such a generous spirit, and I guess what I am trying to say is that we all want to see each other succeed. Obviously we all want our own blogs to be the best they can be, but I also love encouraging other bloggers and if you like something there’s a chance others will too, so spread the word. The more popular the linky is, the better it is for everyone involved as it increases traffic and comments for everyone. (Becoming a SAHM)

10. It’s hard to build up a following when you first start out but people are not just going to suddenly rock up to your blog without any work. Get your name out there – follow people, comment on their posts, tweet them and get involved in the community. It might take a lot of effort to start with but it will pay off. (Hurrah for Gin)

11. Join blogging networks, e.g. Mumsnet, BritMums, Netmums, TOTS100, Parent Bloggers Network, Bloggers Network, Love All Blogs. You get access to other great blogs, and if they choose to feature your post, it gets great exposure. (WryMummy)

12. There is no greater compliment to a blogger than sharing a post they have written. If you read something you like retweet it or post the link of facebook. I guarantee it will be appreciated and if you are lucky they will return the favour. (Hurrah for Gin)

13. Don’t be afraid to turn down review and sponsored opportunities if you feel they don’t fit your blog. (AutismMumma)

14. Remember you can promote older posts, there may be things you wrote about a year ago that are still relevant now. (MamaMummyMum)

15. Always reply to emails, when you first start out blogging you are thankful for every email you receive in your inbox. Somewhere along the line you start deleting the ones that are not relevant to you, instead of deleting a simple reply with ‘Thank you for getting in touch, I am not looking to feature this campaign on my site, kind regards’ goes along way. You never know that by replying to that email what you may be offered instead, plus it’s only polite! (Boo,Roo and Tigger Too)

Some truly great tips here, and I’d agree with each and every one of them – thanks, lovely bloggers! I’ve loved hosting this series and welcoming many bloggers to share here. I’ve picked up some great pointers along the way and enjoyed getting to know more about people’s blogs. Hope you’ve enjoyed it, too?

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Disney Frozen My Smartphone Review

Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed a new badge popping up in my sidebar there, letting people know that I’m now a KD UK ambassador. They produce toys and work hard to ensure that their products are innovative, educative and fun, with ranges such as Peppa Pig, Frozen, Something Special, In the Night Garden, Fireman Sam and Disney Princesses – all popular here so the kids are delighted, of course!

The first item that we have been sent to test out is this Disney Frozen My Smartphone

frozen phoneFrozen fans can call Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and all of their favourite characters on this great new Disney Frozen Smartphone!

When they press the power button, tots enter discovery mode and can hear all about the characters.

They can also choose one of four games – Appointment; Message; Call; and Quiz, which will help teach about colours, numbers and the characters, while developing hand-eye coordination and observation skills while they play.

Ages: 2 Years+

It arrived nicely packaged, and just had a couple of those ties on the back of it to secure it in the box. Which meant it was only a matter of seconds before I had it free of it’s confines and into the children’s hands. Boo loves it because it’s Frozen, it’s interactive and it’s a phone, Little Man just wants to chat on it!

Disney Frozen My Smartphone

It’s very simple to use and fits nicely in both children’s hands. There is a character recognition game, along with gaming involving the numbers and colours on each button you see there. From a parenting point of view, I like that it’s educational, it’s taken a fair few hits and knocks and is still going strong without a scratch on it, and the all-important one – it’s not too loud and doesn’t irritate me!

It’s easy to take out and about, as apart from being small enough to slot into my bag, it fits in Boo’s pocket so she feels special with her own phone…

frozen phone in use

Boo having a really in-depth conversation with herself!

Boo on the Frozen phone

And it kept Little Man entertained waiting for his food in a restaurant recently…

Little Man on the Frozen phone

It was sweet to see them both using this as a normal phone, especially as they look to be really concentrating! Boo’s 5 and Little Man’s 2 and they both like to play with this one. The games are very easy for Boo, but she loves having her own phone with her. Operating it so that he’s actually playing the games is a bit beyond Little Man at the moment, but I can see him enjoying the number and colour recognition in a few months time. And in the meantime, there’s always the chatting!

I don’t know about you, but we have bought various toy phones in the past, as the kids do seem very drawn to them. It’s not surprising given the amount of time they seem mine in my hand, I suppose! What’s impressed me about this one, is that it’s within that same price range that I’ve paid before, but it has considerably more functions and is more educational, along with it being branded – I mean, anything Frozen goes down extremely well here, yet is often quite costly. This is currently selling for £10, which I think is a very reasonable price. What do you think?

Disclosure: Product was FOC for the purposes of this review, though all words and opinions remain my own.

We're going on an adventure

The Snow Story

We thought it’d be fun to take part in House of Fraser’s Snow Story campaign, celebrating their toy section. The campaign is to decide the ending of their Snow Story, all about Fraser Bear and Baby Bear. Boo does love her stories, and she’ll take any opportunity to be creative and draw.

I read the story out to her, all about how Fraser Bear tried to explain about snow to Baby Bear, as Baby Bear has never seen it before. She listened intently to the tale, all the while wondering what she needed to do. We chatted about snow, and what she liked about it, and thought about how it could be explained.

Boo pondered for a while…

boo pondering

And then decided that the very best way to illustrate snow would be a snowman, so got to it…

boo drawing Snow Story

She spent time adding details such as a stripy scarf and patterned hat, and of course, the carrot nose. Once that was completed, she was in full flow, and the ideas kept on coming! So she added a couple of mounds of snow, a sleigh with someone lying down in it (she giggles every time she explains that part!) and then a reindeer to pull it – Rudolph, of course. So here’s the finished piece, the ending to our Snow Story, by 5 year old Boo….

Snow Story ending

And a few final words ‘Fraser Bear told Baby Bear about all of the fun to be had when playing in the snow, and at last Baby Bear understood.’

So there it is, Boo’s happy ending for Fraser Bear and Baby Bear. Surely now Baby Bear at least loves snow?!

Disclosure: We received a gift as compensation for this post. 

The Magical Journey

When we were invited along to the opening weekend of The Magical Journey, given it’s tagline of  ‘your ultimate Christmas experience’, how could we refuse? I’d been keen to take the children as I’d seen a fair bit of press and hype about it, especially as it’s situated just 10 minutes away from where we live, so it’s kind of a big deal around here lately.

So we went along yesterday evening, on opening day. The children were looking forward to seeing Santa, and I was intrigued to see what all the hype was about. On arrival, we were checked in straight away, which was nice as I’d expected a queue! We then roamed around the room which held the market and cafe whilst we waited to be called for our time slot. We were called promptly and the experience then began.

We were then led through a few rooms, always by elves, where the story begins. In the first room, it was Santa’s museum, then we met Mrs Christmas as she told a few corny jokes, had a little fun baking and engaged the kids well, before getting the call that Rudi the baby reindeer has escaped. And so started our mission and the point of the journey, to find Rudi.

the magical journey

We were then led to a room with an X-Factor-style elf, who then moved us onwards and outside to the woodland. After the train journey (not really a train, but fun all the same), which Little Man absolutely adored and he wanted to just get back on that from then onwards!, we entered the forest. It was all lit up, in an array of colours, which looked beautiful and magical at night. There were elves dotted about chatting to us, getting us chanting, dancing and checking out the magic key tree…

boo and the magic key

It was then Santa time. The highlight was the visit with Santa. All Santa huts (and I’m guessing there were several!) were well hidden as you’re led down tree-lined pathways so children wouldn’t realise there might be lots of Santas around! We were led down a short, snow covered pathway to a cute little wooden hut, and on entering, it was decked out just as you’d imagine Santa’s snuggly home would be. Our Santa was lovely and chatted to Boo, trying to draw a shy Little Man into the conversation, too. The gifts were not quite what I’d have expected for an experience such as this, with Boo receiving a princess colouring set and Little Man a small foam rugby ball, but the children were happy enough.

meeting santa

After our magical meet, we were led back out to the reindeer glade…

the Christmas Reindeer Glade

This is where there needed to be a bit more, I felt. The whole journey had been about trying to find the escaped Rudi, yet we came out of Santa’s house, and came upon this glade and that was kind of it! No-one spoke to us, even just to say ‘hooray, here’s Rudi’ and tie the whole thing up a bit.

The Good Points:
– Very slick booking and you can select slots throughout the day. Prior to your booking, you also receive an email with tips and suggestions for making the most of your visit.
– Easy free parking right outside, and marshals signalling where to go, also easy to get back out, and I’d kind of expected it to be mayhem!
– On arrival, check-in was smooth and fast, and we didn’t have to queue.
– It’s original. I’ve not been on a ‘story’ visit before to see Santa, and it does take you nicely through each stage.
– There’s very little waiting and queueing. Having queued many a year to see Santa, this was refreshing! Yes, I realise that you are essentially queueing the whole way round, as you move from room to room, then walk through the woods with the elves stalling parties with little chats, but it doesn’t feel like one big wait, it feels like you’re doing things, and Boo was thoroughly entertained and even my 2 year old was content enough for the hour that it lasted.
– The Santa huts and Santa meet were lovely. We felt like we had as much time as we wanted to spend with him, just us and a friendly elf in a secret little hideaway.

Tips for Improvement:
– The elves could do with microphones or they need to project their voices a lot more.
– Perhaps some Christmassy music somewhere along the way?
– The two big tents that you’re led into, the first straight after the train ride and the other just prior to the Santa meet could be dressed up and decorated.
– The gifts may need a re-think
– The site itself stills shows signs of being built – pallets around the place and so on. Not too bad in the dark, but I’d imagine it’s quite unsightly in the day.
– End it properly! Make sure we feel that Rudi has been found! Both Boo and I were a bit confused about this bit!

My kids left happy, as they went with no real expectations, other than to meet Santa, which they did, and as I say, I thought that was a really lovely Santa meet, and it’s the nicest one we’ve experienced yet. So from that point of view, I’m happy. I loved seeing them meet him and I enjoyed their giggles on the ‘train ride’ and their gasps when we entered the beautifully lit up woods. From our point of view, having travelled just under ten minutes to get there and having been invited, it was a lovely night. But, I think there are improvements that need to be made to ensure that everyone leaves feeling happy, given the price of the experience. I am aware that there’s been a lot of first day criticisms levelled at the event, which I can understand. I’m also aware that they’re responding as quickly as they can and have closed the event for a few days to react to first day feedback, so I’d imagine future visits will be ‘magical’.

Disclosure: We received entry FOC for the purposes of this review, but all words and opinions remain my own.


Duck-Feeding, Just The Two Of Us

A couple of days ago, Little Man and I popped to the park and to feed the ducks after we dropped Boo at school. Nothing strange about that, I know, except that to me, it felt really odd. I realised that this was the first time that we’d done this, just the two of us, I mean. Little Man has been on plenty of park trips and seen lots of duck feeding, but we’ve either done it all as a family at the weekends, or I’d always wait for the days that Boo wasn’t at preschool to take them, so that she didn’t miss out.  But she’s at school now, and it only seems fair that Little Man and I have our own adventures and outings like this. We’ve been spending our time going to classes and catching up with friends or happily playing at home, but I see this changing now, as we do like the park…..

He was determined that he’d have to carry the bread, and was pretty pleased with himself for doing so!

feeding the ducks

feeding the ducks2

Ducks fed, we wandered into the park where Little Man could have a good explore and run about. We chatted about the leaves, the trees and he had to run through them and under them, of course….

little man exploring

And on the way back from the car, he found a little rest stop to take in the peace and quiet…

feeding the ducks7

He loved it, I enjoyed getting out in the fresh air with him, so I can see this being a weekly visit from now on. I’m sure we’ll both be happy that.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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